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The Pickle (left), the Bacon (middle), and the Corn Dog Queen (right) sit on the tray with multiple containers of mustard and ketchup. The Pickle contained a juicy pickle with the meat inside the pickle. The Bacon contained a pork sausage infused with jalapeno and cheddar cheese. The Corn Dog Queen was very similar to the Classic, but the only difference was the piece of 24K gold on the tip.
Review: CornDog With No Name Spreads Its Name
Elle Polychronis, Reporter • April 22, 2021

CornDog with No Name’s unique angle on fair food cuisine and their wonderful service made it an enjoyable experience. I first heard of CornDog with...

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Sophomores Brian Rosen (left) and Kainoa Nonnemacher (right),  study for the SAT they are scheduled to take in two years. Both felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that was placed in front of them.
Opinion: The SAT Is A Rich Man’s Game
Catherine Stautz, Reporter • April 26, 2021

In March of 2019, the news had broken that 53 successful tycoons, including “Full House” star Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, paid a large sum of money...

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