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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day While Single

Whether going out with friends or snuggling on the couch with your pet, there are many options to celebrate Valentine’s Day outside of romantic relationships.
Graphic by Zoie Carlile and Will Gaffey

February is known for the romantic holiday Valentine’s Day. Those who are in a relationship are likely to be over the moon for the holiday, but others dread it. Though it may seem like this holiday can only be celebrated by couples, singles can also enjoy Valentine’s day several other ways without being in a relationship. Here are some ideas of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single.

Have a party with friends

Valentine’s Day is the day to show love and devotion, not only towards a significant other, but towards friends and family as well. One way that singles can celebrate Feb. 14 is to have a day with friends. Go out and have a fun time or just chill with other friends that are single as well. There are several fun activities to do together like making baskets full of small gifts such as candy, fluffy socks, travel-sized makeup, heartfelt cards or a candle. Later, go to dinner together and grab a sweet treat afterwards.

Have a movie night

It is always relaxing to have a night in with Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey by your side in “The Notebook” or in “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”. Movies are a great way to relax after a long day. You could see a new movie in theaters or to just watch some of your personal favorite movies at home. Binge-watching movies is something that everybody does at least a couple of times in their life, and if you say you haven’t, you are lying. Just watching a sappy romantic comedy is good for you, and is a great way to honor Valentine’s Day. It can also be a fun bonding experience with friends that are in the same boat as you are.

Get yourself a gift

Make sure you take care of the most important person in your life, yourself. Giving yourself a gift or two is almost the same as receiving a gift from your significant other, except you already know what gifts you like, which is much better than having to fake joy after getting a gift you don’t want. Start by just treating yourself to flowers, and then move on to stuff like gold earrings, face masks, skincare and clothes. Gifts don’t have to be just from others but can be from yourself.

Just avoid the entire holiday

Avoiding the whole entire holiday is just fine as well. It is only 24 hours, just pretend it is a normal day because it isn’t like you will see Cupid walking around on the sidewalk. Stores will not be closed because of the holiday. If it is easier to just pretend that it is actually February 13th all over again, then so be it. Nobody is paying attention to how you are celebrating the holiday, only how they are actually planning on doing for the day. There is no shame in just moving on.

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