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At 99 Jimmy Carter Launches Bold Presidential Campaign

Amidst concerns about Carter’s advanced age, he strives to connect with young voters.
Photo by Elaine Engel

As the primaries draw to a close and all eyes turn in horror to the upcoming presidential election, a new runner in the race to the White House stands ready to challenge the presidency.

 Yet, this candidate is not ‘new’ at all. Former president, Democrat Jimmy Carter has announced his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election. 

Carter served as the 39th president from 1977 to 1981. Having only completed one term, he is still eligible for a second term, as there is no regulation that a president’s terms must be consecutive.

“Jimmy told me he owed the Japanese people his service again,” campaign manager Jamilton Hordan said. “I reminded him that we’re American and he said that was fine too.”

  After his presidential term was tarnished by crisis, this may be a new beginning for the 99-year-old. In a new era, Carter’s gifts may serve the country far better than they did in the 1970s. 

“I think when Jimmy Carter was president in 1976 for his first term, he was before his time,” AP government teacher William Carraway said. “Some of the issues that were front and center during his campaign or during his first administration, the United States wasn’t quite ready to hear yet. Things like energy independence and conservation and green energy, these are things now that are really really important to us and I think he’s the man to lead us.”

Although his campaign is still in its infant days, many constituents hope that Carter will focus his attention on climate change, improving the American peanut farming industry and his former nemesis, the Panama Canal. 

“I’m thinking [he’ll focus on] possibly something to deal with the Middle East, energy independence and reclaiming the Panama Canal that he gave up,” Caraway said. “Those are the three biggies. That’s probably the trifecta of this campaign for sure.”

The advanced age of all presidential candidates has sparked an unprecedented concern with choosing a well-prepared running mate. Although not yet announced, there is naturally much speculation over who will receive the keys to Air Force Two. 

“I think Carter may at first [pick] John McCain because Carter forgets McCain is dead,” sophomore Layton Braziel said.

Out of viable living candidates, there are many approaches that Carter can take.

 “Maybe he will pick George Santos,” Caraway said. “Jimmy Carter was sort of this embodiment of bipartisanship, so maybe he will reach out to someone across the aisle and [ask] Nikki Haley.”

As with fellow candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, 81-years-old and 77-years-old respectively, concerns over Carter’s age have arisen. 

“Now we have three geezers running for president,” Caraway said. 

However despite Carter’s age, the youngest generation seems to be showing full support and admiration for his candidacy. 

“The other candidates are both really old, so I don’t think it’ll matter too much,” Braziel said. “Jimmy Carter is super, super hip, trendy and down to earth with the kids.” 

Throughout his campaign, Carter has worked hard to successfully cultivate an image of youthful hope. Though he may be less than a year away from his 100th birthday, the campaign has ensured that Carter still appeals to millennials and Gen Z. 

“As a hard rule, our campaign is staffed by more than 70% under-30-year-olds. I myself am 23,” Hordan said. “Also, Jimmy has embraced social media to relate to his younger voters. Instead of a daily walk, he does a daily 30 minutes of TikTok dances, and his renegade is fire.” 

Largely due to these efforts, polling numbers place Carter with 69% of national support. In a matter of weeks, this Charli D’Amelio wannabe has not given Biden and Trump a run for their money, but rather knocked them down in a dark alley and stolen their checkbooks. 

“He will be a strong, independent man,” Braziel said. 


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