HP Bagpipe

HP Bagpipe

HP Bagpipe

For an assembly on the dangers of substance abuse, Chris Herren talks to the student body. Herren wanted to teach students that they didn’t need drugs to get through everyday life and to learn from his struggle with substance abuse. “In hindsight, it was a coping mechanism for multiple things going on in my life that I never really wanted to look at and never really knew how to look at,” Herren said.
Chris Herren Addresses Drug Culture At Schoolwide Assembly
Alex Justine, Reporter • May 5, 2022

Former basketball player Chris Herren spoke to students about his struggle with substance abuse and making healthy choices on March 31 during...

The Paluxy River where the dinosaur tracks were found. The tracks, which had previously been covered by rainfall, were exposed by a recent drought.
Texas Drought Reveals Dinosaur Tracks
Ellie Levy, Reporter • September 19, 2022

During the Cretaceous period, the Earth was a warm, swampy, two-continent planet dotted by shallow inland seas and dominated by dinosaurs.  Among...

In the hallway sophomore Brooks Simmons holds up a photo of Andrew Tate. Tate has a largely male audience, many of whom are teens. I dont agree with his negative comments about women, but I like how he empowers men, Simmons said.
Opinion: Andrew Tate Is Damaging A Generation
Ellie Cooper , Staffer • September 19, 2022

Andrew Tate is an internet personality, known for his rants of how women should be submissive and subservient to men. His claim to fame started when he became a kickboxer,...

During water polo practice freshman Slova Walker, freshman Cainan Cohen, junior Max Nguyen, freshman Suleman Aziz, freshman Jacob Duong, freshman Zach Slaughter, junior GB Stalnaker, senior Luka  Zivaljevic, sophomore Jake Melley and senior Roman Duong scrimage. Stalmaker only started playing water polo two months ago, but has been competitively swimming since he was seven-years-old. I love the team - the guys are always helpful, motivated and very dedicated, Stalnaker said. I know the second I get in the water for the game those guys have my back.
Water Polo Splashes Into First Year
Elle Polychronis, Copy Editor • September 15, 2022

Senior Luka Zivaljevic started playing water polo in fourth grade over the summer in Kotr, Montenegro because of his dad. “I hated it at...

Passionate about promoting speaking Spanish, junior Alexis Scott uses her role as president of the Amigos club to get students excited about the language. Scott also actively volunteers with several different nonprofits that encourage inclusivity.
Junior Spreads Appreciation For Spanish
Will Gaffey, Reporter • December 6, 2021

Initially, junior Alexis Scott joined a slew of clubs to follow her friends. She is the president of the Amigos club, and she is a member...

As the president of Lend-a-hand, as well as the social action and economic development club, senior Isabella Acosta is committed to helping underserved communities in the Dallas area. She has also been involved in on-campus activities such as National Honor Society and Lads and Lassies.
Senior Lends A Hand
December 6, 2021
The first season of Selling the OC was released on August 24. Netflix has yet to reveal whether or not the series will be renewed for a second season.
Review: "Selling the OC" Fails To Live Up To Expectations
Mila Segal, Reporter • September 15, 2022

The Oppenheim Group, a Los Angeles-based real estate brokerage, released a new Netflix show, “Selling the OC,” on Aug. 24. The Brokerage originally...

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While the pep rally transitions between segments, band drumline members sophomore Dash Whitaker, senior Ford Manley, sophomore Rowan Ryan, senior Gavin Monk and freshman Cam Cason keep the beat. Manleys favorite part of each band performance is when the last note hits. It gives a raw rush of excitement, Manley said.
Outside Homecoming Pep Rally Allows All Students To Attend
Matteo Winandy, Photographer • November 18, 2021

In the hall, seniors Camp Wagner and Elise Needleman pose for the camera. The pair dressed up for career day. I thought it was really fun to dress up and see how good other peoples costumes were, Needleman said.
Seniors Dress Up For Homecoming Week
Sam Anderson, Photographer • November 10, 2021

Dallas resident gives speech at a peaceful protest on Lakeside Drive Park.
Summer Flashback: Protests Erupt In Park Cities
Elsa Pedrosa Noguera, Editor-in-Chief • March 2, 2021