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The Fifth Annual Issues Issue

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Dear Readers,


We are very proud to present to you our fifth annual Issues Issue. Our staff has always been committed to including relevant and significant stories in the issues issue, and this year is no exception. In this issue, we chose to cover some of the greatest challenges our generation is currently facing.


This collection of stories highlights a variety of issues, many of which address concerns for the future of the nation. These stories do not just reflect the truth of our community, but also echo conversations people have around the country. 


In preparation for the presidential election, we strive to cover the topics that concern the political sphere. Our hope is that by drawing attention to this and other issues, we create a constructive dialogue. 


We would like to thank our advisor, reporters and editors for their tireless efforts to help create this issue. We are especially proud of our writers for taking on the task of reporting on the matters that will impact America’s youth. Because these topics are often overlooked, it is essential that we shed light on the voices of future generations. 


Thank you so much for reading this edition of the Bagpipe. Your support is what makes our publication possible. We hope you enjoy this issue. 



Elise Laharia and Zoie Carlile



About the Contributors
Zoie Carlile
Zoie Carlile, Editor-in-chief
What are your hobbies? Guitar, listening to music, cats Who are your favorite music artists? Ghost, Amon Amarth and Mitski What are your favorite TV shows/movies? Godzilla Minus One, Fantastic Mr. Fox, EEAAO
Elise Laharia
Elise Laharia, Editor-in-chief
What are you looking forward to on the staff this year? I’m looking forward to teaching the next generation of our program! Who are your favorite music artists? Stray Kids, the Rose, B.I., and Victor Ray What causes are you passionate about? Incarceration rates, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration and refugee displacement, and gun violence