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Dallas Art Fair Unites Thriving Community

The 16th annual fair showcased works from diverse artists and galleries.
Photo by O.S. Keijsers Koning

A maze of hallways, paintings, sculptures, and even paper mache lining every corner and crevice.

The 16th annual Dallas Art Fair took place on April 4 to 9. Annually, on April 4th to 9th the Dallas Art Fair takes place.

“[The art fair] provides a platform for artists, collectors, curators, galleries, everyone to be in the same room and have conversations together, which is a rare opportunity,” art fair director Kelly Cornell said.

The fair features diverse galleries from Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Europe, South America, Mexico and more. The international scale of operation allows for open conversations and opportunities to discuss art from different perspectives.

“The art fair is a great way to meet other gallery artists and collectors and be able to share the passion that we have,” Ever Velasquez, manager of the Charlie James Gallery, said.

The art fair was located in the Dallas Art Institute building, and coordinating with artists, gallerists and art dealers, the art community put together different art of different styles.

“We have over 90 galleries showcasing contemporary artwork of all mediums,” Cornell said. “[We had] ceramics, paintings, sculptures and drawings.”

Each gallerist or art dealer receives a booth where they have the freedom to curate how artwork is displayed. This flexibility in set-up allows the artwork to convey a more powerful message. Each gallery works to emphasize a specific theme through the artwork that they showcase.

“From a historical standpoint, female artists have often been under-recognized or under-appreciated,” Jay Wingate, senior director of Luis de Jesus Gallery said. “ We’re doing our part to try to elevate [the artists] and bring exposure to them.”

Gallery visitors gain the chance to create their own interpretations and narratives and create a connection with the piece. To capture the immensity of the fair projects, many gallerists encourage opening a conversation.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Wingate said. “If something is confusing, that’s even more reason to try to learn more about it because every piece of artwork has a story to be told.”

The Dallas Art Fair is among the many events that contribute to the rise of art. Heritage Auction is a huge contributor and supporter of the art scene. The Dallas-based auction house is among the top five houses globally according to art forum, The Collector.

“[The funds are] divided between the DMA and the Nasher and the Dallas contemporary to the Dallas hacker Foundation’s mission is about supporting the arts in Dallas,” Cornell said.

The Dallas art scene is a growing community, with thriving opportunities such as the Dallas Art fair. Cornell encourages people to keep an eye out for other similar showings.

“It’s really special that Dallas has these huge cultural events, and everyone should take advantage of it if they’re able to.” Cornell said.

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