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Advertising with the 2023-24 Highland Park High School Bagpipe magazine and website allows your business to reach roughly 2,200 students ages 15-18 and their families, along with about 150 staff members and administrators. Magazines are mailed home to over 400 subscribers. 

Students are always looking for places to go out for lunch or on the weekends, and during certain times of the year, such as Homecoming in October or Prom in April, more students are looking for local businesses to prepare for these events. In the past, we have done print ads that also included job offers, health care centers, insurance, tutoring, stores, restaurants, services and more. Plus, advertising on our website is another option we are offering this year, allowing your business to grow along with our digital media outreach. We average about 11,000 users during the school year, along with approximately 29,000 page views.

A tradition long upheld by the school and well-exhibited by our newspaper, is community involvement with HPHS.  The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of businesses in our community, and there’s no better time than now to boost your online presence with our advertising.

Plus, our publications are a learning tool, and being completely self-funded, we rely on the support of locally owned businesses to see our work in print. In other words, we couldn’t survive without you and the great community of Highland Park! When advertising with us, you are not only receiving great promotion for your business, but also taking part in the educational process.

We offer very reasonable prices, starting as low as $80 in print, and going up to $725 for the back page in-color. Our web prices start at $25 per month.  We also offer discounts for purchasing packages of print and web ads, and we offer 5% off your total price if the payment is received in advance. 

We design advertisements if needed for an additional one-time fee of $25. This is done for completely new designs. We can rework existing ads free of charge if we have original artwork. 

You can contact our managing editor, Elle Polychronis, [email protected] or contact our adviser, Kristen Seeker, at [email protected]

 Thank you for considering business with the Highland Park High School Bagpipe