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Review: Dua Lipa’s Latest Single Showcases Musical Evolution

“Training Season” is a refreshing step in a new direction.
Photo courtesy of Warner Records

Dua Lipa’s new single “Training Season” offers a distinct beat and explores personal messages.

The single was released on Feb. 15, but will also be included in her third studio album which will be announced later in 2024.

“Training Season” was debuted as a part of Dua Lipa’s performance at the Grammys before its official release. When I first heard it while watching the Grammys I was obsessed, and was eager for it to be released on streaming platforms so I could listen to it on repeat.

The song is the perfect mix of powerful lyrics and a vibrant rhythm. The enticing background rhythm makes it near impossible not to bop your head while listening. Lipa utilizes electronic beats, guitars and various other elements to create a unique blend of sounds.

Additionally, the pace of the song isn’t too fast or slow for a pop song. Lipa’s vast vocal range is also impressive. I love the richness of her tone because it allows her to express the perfect amount of emotion in her voice.

The lyrics of “Training Season” dive deep and touch on Lipa’s desires and struggles while navigating the dating world. The words are more vulnerable than Lipa typically is, which allows more listeners to connect with her.

Even the title of the song carries a deeper meaning. “Training season” is the time when men learn or are “trained” to date. Throughout the song, Lipa says that “training season is over” meaning men need to get their act together, especially if they want to be ready to date her.

The music video further communicates the song’s message. It features Lipa sitting at a table in a coffee shop as men gaze at her through the window, knowing they’re not good enough for her. I appreciate how connected this video was to the themes in the song, not straying too far from its original meaning.

The music video started by playing voicemail apologies from Lipa’s “ex’s”. This ties back to the end of the music video, my favorite part, when her voicemail states that her mailbox is full. This sends a powerful message to young girls not to waste time on men who are not up to their standard, and that Lipa does not want to waste time on apologies.

In past albums, the theme has been focused on confidence and empowerment, but through recent singles she has released, Lipa conveys that she is sick of immature men and is ready for a serious relationship.

I noticed that this single showcases Lipa’s musical evolution from past albums because Lipa is starting to experiment with new sounds. Though her songs have always had a strong beat, this song has a more unique and distinct sound with a little more diversity of instruments and effects.

Overall, I was impressed with this song. Lipa explored new sounds and themes of love and struggles which are refreshing to hear from her. She has continued to elevate her music, and I continue to love it.

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