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The Community Issue

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Dear Readers, 


On behalf of our entire staff we are pleased to present the first issue of the Bagpipe for the 2023-2024 school year. This year the newspaper has faced an immense decline in staff membership. However each member of the staff has adapted to the resulting changes, and we are very proud of the work we have done as a team. 


We’d like to say a huge thank you to our reporters and editors for the hard work and growth they’ve shown all semester. Creating the meaningful content within this issue is a nonstop group effort that requires dedication, sacrifice and patience. Each one of our staff members has proved they are passionate about the Bagpipe, and that love is clearly reflected in their work.


The stories in this issue cover a variety of topics that center around the theme of community. From celebrations of life to changes in community traditions, each one of these articles highlights the unique perspectives of the Park Cities. 


One of the most tender stories in this issue celebrates the impact of physics teacher Jay Ingram on his students, colleagues and friends. Although we never had the honor of experiencing his teaching, the stories of our friends and classmates allow us to understand Ingram’s personality and character. We hope his story touches you as much as it has touched us.


Thank you again for reading the Bagpipe and your continuous support of the work we do. We hope you enjoy the issue.




Elise Laharia and Zoie Carlile 




About the Contributors
Zoie Carlile
Zoie Carlile, Editor-in-chief
What are your hobbies? Guitar, listening to music, cats Who are your favorite music artists? Ghost, Amon Amarth and Mitski What are your favorite TV shows/movies? Godzilla Minus One, Fantastic Mr. Fox, EEAAO
Elise Laharia
Elise Laharia, Editor-in-chief
What are you looking forward to on the staff this year? I’m looking forward to teaching the next generation of our program! Who are your favorite music artists? Stray Kids, the Rose, B.I., and Victor Ray What causes are you passionate about? Incarceration rates, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration and refugee displacement, and gun violence