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HPHS Media is intended to provide students with school related information including lunch menus and important dates, recap school events such as football games and school dances, as well as offer opinions and reviews about various topics ranging from album releases to the latest coffee shops. This is it’s second year as a stand alone course and is  continuing to add new segments and include a wide range of story topics. HPHS Media was  designed with students in mind in hope that this will be the place you will come to hear about the latest news, both school and worldly, and read up on fellow students through ‘Student Spotlight’ or the hottest outdoor spots in Dallas through ‘Out and About in Dallas’ while you are here. Its goal is to cover all students in the school, each of the unique clubs and teams our school offers in addition to interesting editorial pieces about popular places and faces.

We hope you enjoy what you see and feel up to date on all things Highland Park, after all we are every where you’re not!


Highlander Yearbook

The first volume of the Highlander yearbook was published in 1917 by the students of Armstrong. Julia Russel was the inaugural editor-in-chief. The first graduating class of 1924 consisted of 34 students. In 1939, the Highlander began publishing photos of individual students instead of group photos by class. They have continued that tradition since.

The Highlander staff records the events of the year and the leaders of organizations for the last 90 years. It has recorded the traditions of the school as well as the emergence and disappearance of the organizations, clubs, sports and classes of the school.

Winning numerous awards and recognitions through the years, the staff prides itself on its coverage of events and people.  They continue a strong tradition of professionalism. Currently, the largest single high school yearbook in the country, the student-run publication is created by 89 students and 5 editors-in-chiefs.


The Bagpipe

The Bagpipe is Highland Park High School’s newspaper, and is a student-news, student-driven production. During the 2013-14 school year, the newspaper switched from a traditional newspaper format to a news magazine with great success. Currently, there are 7 issues throughout the year: an issue every six weeks and the Senior Issue at the end of the year. The Bagpipe contains news, feature stories on students and groups, sport, arts and entertainment and opinions.  The staff consists of about 20 students, representing every grade, who occupy positions such as editor-in-chiefs, section editors, copy editors, advertisement manager, photographers and reporters. There are two editor-in-chief, who lead the staff, with an adviser to oversee the classes. To contact The Bagpipe, direct emails to [email protected]



This course is designed to introduce students to the concept of media literacy and to provide the opportunity to explore a wide range of audio and video production technologies and techniques. Over the course of the school year students will be able to create an assortment of audio and video production projects.

Advanced Broadcast Journalism: The objective of this course is to offer instruction in the writing, reporting, and videotaping of news, features, editorials, and critical reviews. Content includes the history of broadcast journalism, criteria for recognizing sound journalistic practices, and basics of video production.  Another goal is to develop the intranet broadcasting of the productions, so that any student would be able to watch the completed programs on HPHSmedia.com.  This course is a great opportunity for students to realize their creative potential. Their success will increase self-esteem. Meanwhile, the students are building skills necessary for today’s technology driven industries. The course combines technical skills: ie. multimedia, video broadcasting, internet web casting, film production; reading and writing skills; research and analytical skills; and cooperative learning and team work. The course is divided into eight units.


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About HPHS’ Productions