HP Bagpipe

HP Bagpipe

HP Bagpipe

Zoie Carlile

Zoie Carlile, Editor-in-chief

What are your hobbies?

Guitar, listening to music, cats

Who are your favorite music artists?

Ghost, Amon Amarth and Mitski

What are your favorite TV shows/movies?

Godzilla Minus One, Fantastic Mr. Fox, EEAAO

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The Asian population has spent decades with little recognition in the media outside of stereotypes, but recent films like Everything Everywhere All At Once are changing that. The film grossed $107.5 million worldwide and has been both a critical and commercial success.

Opinion: Refusing To Stay Silent

Zoie Carlile, Features Editor
March 9, 2023
Energy drink Celsius is among the most consumed drinks at the school yet students have acknowledged it comes with negative side effects. In the past year, 149 cans have been sold

Energy Rush

Zoie Carlile, Features Editor
December 5, 2022
In front of a whiteboard full of math equations, freshman Zoe Schemmel casts a troubled look. Research has shown a significant portion of the student population struggles with math anxiety. My brain is just naturally on the more creative side and logical stuff sometimes stresses me out, Schemmel said.

Exponentially Anxious

Zoie Carlile, Features Editor
May 5, 2022
These baked apple slices are freshly baked and topped with cinnamon. The dessert was tart and paired deliciously with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a dash of whipped cream.

Carliles’ Baked Apple Slices

Zoie Carlile, Features and Opinions Editor
December 9, 2021
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