Healthy Eating Leads to Less Stress

Sarah Rogers, Staffer

Let’s face it, most everyone can say they have dealt with major stress from one time to another.

One major way that people cause their own stress is by eating foods that their bodies loathe.

During the school year most people snack while they’re doing homework, or any activity, and don’t realize that eating the wrong food can make their stress worse. It has been proven that if people eat healthier they will live a longer, happier, and a less stressful lives.

A lot of people end up skipping meals when they’re on the go or because of their busy everyday lives. Skipping meals can make stress-related symptoms worse, such as: a tight, tense feeling in the stomach or a headache. Eating on the run can cause indigestion, instead people should use their  mealtime to relax, enjoy the meal and reflect on the day. People should skip the simple sugars such as chips, cakes, and ice cream. These certain foods can cause blood sugar to spike and this can lead people to eat more and put them at a risk for diabetes. People can have their comfort foods from time to time but eating these foods everyday will put more harm on their bodies. When students are up late studying they should avoid caffeinated foods and drinks, which increase the levels of certain stress hormones. Studies have proven that exercise can change the way people respond to stress, for example it lessens the risk of heart disease and depression. Regular exercise helps flush out the toxic chemicals of the body’s stress response enabling people to quickly return to a normal state.

“Eating good carbohydrates, fruits and veggies, high grain food, and getting plenty of sleep will help reduce stress in your everyday life,” football coach Todd John said. “Another key part to reduce your stress is not to stress about the little things in life

When people are stressed out they lose some of their self esteem, but when people  exercise they get enhanced feelings of self-esteem. This increase in self esteem is a result of doing something good for the body. Some of the best foods to snack on while working are pistachios and dark chocolate. Eating chocolate often calms people down, luckily there is science to back up that feeling. One study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology also revealed that drinking an antioxidant-rich chocolate drink equal to about 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily felt calmer than individuals who did not eat this.

“I experience stress a lot because school is very stressful, I definitely recommend drinking plenty of water and lots of electrolytes for your body,” Molly Chandler said.

Stress can be controlled by eating the right foods. People should avoid processed foods that contain MSG, artificial colors and trans fats. Studies have proven that eating the right foods and exercising everyday can help to fight of stress.