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Floral Lights

A fun new way to decorate a dorm room or your living space to fit you

Abigail Washam, Section Editor

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Over the weekend, my mom and I were trying to come up with ways that I could decorate my dorm room for next year. As an incoming college freshman, I have already started making a list of things to bring and not to bring. A lot of this can be found on college websites, which are super helpful, especially if you are the oldest in your family and have no idea exactly what you need to bring with you.

One of the things we saw on the list said “items to decorate and personalize your room.” This got me thinking, because I wanted something that I could use while I was in college and then bring home and still use in my bedroom. I did a little online searching for creative ideas and I came across one that really peaked my interest: floral lights.

My first thought was that this project was going to be a waste of time, but then I decided that this could be a really cute idea, and they would fit my bedroom amazingly. I already had the floral print bedspread and the pillows to match. Plus, it would give my room some more color other than the bright yellow walls.

Everything I needed was already in my house: leftover christmas lights and some fake flowers that my mom had used for an old project. I would recommend that the lights be white lights so that the flowers glow, unlike if you used a colored light and the flower petals could clash. Putting it together was as easy as picking a flower!

Start by taking the flowers off the stems. When you take the flowers off of the rubber stems, there is a little hole in the center of the flower. Make sure not to tear this, because if you accidentally do then the flower might not stay on the light string.

Once you have enough flowers pulled off of the stems, then you can put them on the lights. Just gently pull the flower petal parts onto the lights until the are as far down on the lights as they can go. In the event that a flower should tear or not fit over the bulb, then find a different one and discard it from the pile you took off of the stems.

After you have followed all of these steps, plug the light strand into a wall outlet. I would recommend putting the lights somewhere over your bed for a chic look that is also artsy and creative, but in reality, you can put or use these lights anywhere you would like. After all, this is a project to let your creativity flow. Enjoy!

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Floral Lights