The truth about “Truth or Dare”

The truth about Truth or Dare? It’s not all that daring. Nor is it all that original. A very tired carbon copy of a very tired genre.

This is the latest film from Blumhouse, a production company that has become distinguished in recent years for their highly-profitable horror movies. Truth or Dare is a PG-13-rated horror movie where college seniors are persecuted by a haunted version of Truth or Dare. You either play by the rules and be forced to embarrass yourself and/or hurt somebody, or refuse to play and have a miserable death. It doesn’t help that the film’s signature scare tactic isn’t anywhere near as creepy as the filmmakers think it is. When someone becomes possessed they get a big Joker-smile-looking face and their eyes turn red.

Happy Death Day, another Blumhouse movie, had this issue as well, but at least its concept was relatively interesting. This film however has literally nothing going for it. The concept is pretty bad in general, and plods from one dare to the next without any of them being interesting or scary. There are several more dares, but the film is mostly interested in the truth, by forcing the characters to reveal their hidden layers even though, as characters, they have no layers.

Truth or Dare lacks some truly shocking and disturbing kills that would have helped increase the entertainment value of the movie. The more graphic incidents are either cut around in editing or shown off-camera, with most of the onscreen violence relegated to pretty standard action. There are no real scares to be had, and most of them are just basic jump scares that even a horror novice can see coming. In all seriousness, the characters feel bland and the whole premise feels not as threatening as something like Saw movies.

In the end, Truth or Dare was a major misfire for Blumhouse, the ending left you with nothing and never solved anything. In the end, the two people you think are going to live, end up cursing the entire world with the evil spirit via YouTube. The movie isn’t scary, isn’t gripping, isn’t fun and just leaves you feeling weird.