How to be a good babysitter

Five steps to being a babysitter that the kids love


Babysitting is something that almost every teenager does at least once in their lives. It is an easy job to do and pays better than most jobs a teenager can get. The following steps are things that will help you to be a better babysitter.

  1. Play games with the kids instead of just watching movies. By games I do not mean games on your phone or their Ipads. I mean board games or sports that they like to play. Not only do the kids have a great time, but a lot of times parents don’t have time to do these things so they will appreciate you so much more.
  2. When they can not agree on one thing, help them come to a compromise. For example, if one kid wants to play Sorry and another kid wants to play Uno, then play fifteen minutes of each one. If you are picking out a movie, have one kid pick two movies and the second one make the final call. Both of these things will help the kids learn how to come up with a compromise that will make them both happy.
  3. Clean the kitchen if they had dinner, but wait until they fall asleep. This does not only go for the kitchen, it can also be in the playroom or wherever their toys are. When the parents get home from where they were the last thing they will want to do is clean up the dinner that the kids ate or one million Monopoly dollars. Do not clean up in the time that you should be playing with them, wait until they are asleep.
  4. Do not let the kids do whatever they want. Play games with them and let them do things that you know they are allowed to do, but if they begin to misbehave, make sure to put your foot down. I have made the mistake of being too lenient, and it leads to the kids taking advantage of your kindness. For example, I let the kids I babysit play a game on my phone one time and now everytime I babysit this family they want to play games on my phone.
  5. If the kids misbehave, tell the parents. For example, the kids that I babysit had been wrestling in their room the day before I babysat, and they broke the window next to their bed. Then when I was babysitting them the following day, they tried to wrestle again. When I told them to stop they didn’t listen. When the parents got home, they asked me how the kids were so I politely said that they did not listen to me like they normally do, and they would not stop wrestling when I asked them to. It is necessary for the parents to know this in order to raise their kids to do the right thing.