Library Goes Through Second Phase Of Remodeling

Library renovating process plans to finish near end of January


Matteo Winandy

The library has been under renovation since November and one of the changes includes putting the books in new, smaller, mobile bookshelves and adding soft seating to complement the space. The goal of the new furniture was for it to be not only mobile, but updated. “Soft seating was something the student committee with parents and teachers all wanted,” Hampton said.

The library has been undergoing a complete renovation since the beginning of November and is still in the remodeling process.

[Phase two includes] more tables, more chairs, more of the individual study ‘hives.’ [It] also includes staff furniture and some additional soft seating.”

— Jennifer Hampton

Since then, the library has been split into multiple areas.

“The books were in several different places, so we had to completely displace the books,”  Library Assistant Bonny Urschel said. “We had the printing in that area across from the pod and then in the pod we mainly did Chromebook checkouts and then we had some things like staplers or hole-punchers or scissors. Then there was a small collection of books in the pod. The largest number of the books were housed in the Learning Theater right next to where the pod was.”

With the first semester over, the library staff has started to shift to phase two of the renovation.

“The furniture we have right now is kind of essential furniture and what we [needed] immediately,” Hampton said. “[Phase two includes] more tables, more chairs, more of the individual study ‘hives.’ [It] also includes staff furniture and some additional soft seating.”

At the start of the second semester, the library staff moved back into the library and opened it back up to students. 

“I think the library is going to be a special place for everyone and hopefully it will meet every individual need,” Hampton said. 

Students like to go to the library during their free periods, their lunches, or after school to work on school work or take a break from the classroom. 

“I typically go to study or catch up on work, take a nap, or chill out with my friends,” sophomore Kaitlyn Smith said. “ I like going there because it serves as a quiet place.”

However, the renovation has not been the easiest and the library staff has run into a couple of obstacles that halt the process.

“Right now, we’re dealing with supply chain issues and a little bit of shipping,” Hampton said. “We have two couches coming from Italy. We’re really hoping we’ll be able to raise more funds to add to some of the furniture we’re getting.”

Additionally, she hopes to add an art gallery featuring student’s work.

“I’m hoping that some of the teachers will help select some art that can be displayed and I was thinking that I could have an announcement made that any individual that wants their art displayed in the library is welcome to bring it up,” Hampton said.

Students are excited to come back to the newly-renovated library to experience the new features the library has to offer.

“I am excited to see the [updated library] because it was pretty outdated,” Smith said.

Once phase two is complete, the library will reopen around the end of January.

“I am just anxious for everyone to get back in here,” Urschel said. “Because with the coronavirus and then with the displacement, it seems like it’s been so long since we had a lot of kids in here. We really love having the students here.”