Music to my ears

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Music to my ears

Maxwell McCartin, Staffer, HPHSMedia

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At halftime during football games, spectators watch the Highlander Band do a magnificent performance of musical harmony and gripping coordinations. But something that many don’t think about is how they came to construct their lavish shows. To not much knowledge the Highlander band goes through an intense and strict system of dedication from August all the way to November.

To start off the Highlander Band has gone through many changes over the past years ever since the arrival of Reagan Brumley, the Director of Instrumental Music for HPHS. His determination, as well as other associate/assistant directors, have led to significant but positive changes to it’s status among other competing high school bands. According to Brumley, what has changed most is not just the band as a whole, but its students, along with there growing competitiveness.

Now heading back into the preparations for the Bands marching season, which usually kicks off right after the previous season is completed. The HPISD directors meet occasionally to discuss what needs to be done for the coming years show starting from November and always ending in December. After which they begin to create the themes and the music to be played during the show coming into the summer.

Jumping into what the Highlander Band calls “Band Camp”, is where members begin to learn the strict fundamentals and drills that are put in place to create an extraordinary performance. The Band works nearly the whole month of August, implementing a standard for excellence in the many hours worked daily. Being in the band is no easy job, not just for its members but also for its Band Leadership Team, whom are students that have proven not just their ability to march confidently and correctly, but to help manage and keep its members motivated through the season. The BLT has given much assistance to the Band Directors over these past years in which that the Band is a more respectable and clean environment.

Outside of the music, marching, and intense rehearsals, the people are quite acquainted with one another since they have worked beside each for years. In an official quote, Senior Clare Grindinger who is the student Band President and Brass Captain stated, “It’s an amazing opportunity to work with people I have known for the past seven or so years and to put what we learn from our band directors and from previous leaders into leading the band itself.” The Band program itself sets goals for its students, pushing them at the same time as giving them the tools to succeed at the expectations set ahead of themselves.

With having to memorize pieces of music, sets, and fundamentals to insure the utter perfection of a show, it can be said that these students, along with it’s directors, are more than just dedicated to their band, but their school and community. So look out for the band at halftime, because like Senior Drum Major John Clifford said, “This year we’re gonna be good, so Texas better be ready, ’cause we’re gonna have the whole state Spellbound.”

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