Friday Night Lights Marks Historic Loss

HP ends states longest active win-streak after their fight with Lone Star

The Scots’ 33-game winning streak abruptly ended after the Lone Star Rangers beat them 30-19 during the first home game of the season. 

Not only did this mark the first loss in over two seasons, but it also ended the state’s longest active winning streak.

“Losing the game was a terrible feeling that I know the team is going to work hard to never feel again,” junior Sam Morse said.

Heading into the game, the team knew the Rangers, who were also undefeated this season, would put up a tough fight. 

“This is the most complete team that we’ve played,” Safety Coach Juan Thrasher said. “Lone Star is going to be very similar offensively to Rockwall, who we played, and they have a better defense than Rockwall in my opinion.” 

The Scots kicked off the ball to start the first quarter of the game, anxiety spreading across both sides of the stadium. The Rangers made a 50-yard return, setting them up for a 45-yard touchdown pass on the second play of the game, and the visitor side blew up with cheer. The Rangers also had a three-yard rushing touchdown, making the score 14-0, and they finished the quarter with an 18-yard field goal, adding another 3 points.

The Rangers made another 40-yard pass for a touchdown in the second quarter, leaving them with 24 points on the board. The rest of the quarter was spent anxiously waiting for the Scots to make a solid play. As the end of the quarter rolled around, the realization set in that the Scots might lose the game. 

“It was a rough atmosphere at the half, but we got hyped up at the end and rallied,” Morse said. “But the hole we dug ourselves was too big.”

During the third quarter, the Scots scored their first touchdown of the game, causing a cry of joy from the home side. The touchdown was followed by a 5-yard field goal, earning the home team their first 7-points of the game, which they added to later with two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

But all of these touchdowns weren’t enough to close the gap on the Rangers lead set so early on in the game. The Rangers put up another 11-points during the second half, securing a win.

“We didn’t play like the team that we are,” Scots wide receiver John Rutledge said. “We have a lot of mistakes that we need to fix. It was kind of a reality check for us, and it will motivate us in the future.”

The Scots will show whether this loss will be a setback or motivation against Bryan Adams this Friday.