Off Broadway

Hamilton comes to Dallas

Hayden Chandler, Staffer

The hit Broadway musical Hamilton is now in Dallas. Until May 5, 2019, the musical will be on show at the Music Hall at Fair Park, which boasts air conditioning, 3,420 seats and its own restaurant, The Crystal Terrace. The last showing during the Dallas portion of the tour will be at 1:30 pm. While expensive, tickets for many of the showings of the musical are still available, with prices starting at around $120 and some tickets reaching over $1000.

Hamilton is the Broadway Musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which has won numerous awards including nearly a dozen Tony awards. Hamilton is about American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The musical begins at the beginning of Alexander Hamilton’s life as an orphan in the Caribbean and goes on to show his political career along with his time during the American Revolution. The play ends with the musical number “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”, a song about what happened after Hamilton’s death, after Hamilton’s famous duel with his political rival Aaron Burr, which took place on July 11, 1804 in the state of New Jersey. The famously diverse cast and musical stylings of Lin-Manuel Miranda set the story of Alexander Hamilton in a new light.

“It is well thought out, and extremely historically accurate,” junior Michael Scott said.

The musical is currently on a national tour, with director Tiffany Nichole Greene in control. Before her position as the director of the Hamilton tour Greene worked as the director for the annual production of A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theater Center. Initially it was requested that she clear her schedule to work on Hamilton, but she insisted upon completing her job on A Christmas Carol first. Unlike other directing positions, Greene is not supposed to give Hamilton a new spin, but instead deliver as close of a carbon copy of the Broadway production of Hamilton as possible. The musical is currently on tour in four cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Dallas. Many more cities, including Austin and Houston, are set to be visited during the tour.