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Duplex advancment

Hayden Chandler, Staffer

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Recently, Google has released an artificial intelligence that is advanced well beyond other currently-released technology in that field. The new AI, Google Duplex, has many features and prospects that earlier AI has not had. While there are some doubts and concerns over the new software, Google has shown the intent to continue on with its development.

One of the features of the Google Duplex is that it has a far more human way of speaking. In addition to more realistic vocal patterns, the Duplex also uses what are often called “confirmation phrases” when talking, meaning that it will make a “mmm-hmm” noise in agreement at times, as stated by Forbes. During a conversation with a supposedly unassuming salon receptionist, Duplex used one of its confirmation phrases to agree to being held on a call, thus continuing its ruse.

Oddly, there has been some discussion from those concerned on this matter on whether the AI should have identified itself as a machine for ethical reasons. In addition to sounding like a human, the Google Duplex has managed to beat the Turing test, a measure of the lifelike capacity of a machine. And, at least as Google has claimed, their artificial intelligence may have prospects in the medical field.

Google has stated on their AI-related website that through what they refer to as “deep learning”, hospital patients may be greatly benefitted. Through their research with the Duplex on analysing anonymized medical information, Duplex was able to begin guessing what the patient’s immediate future may hold, which would allow doctors to preemptively treat patients for certain things, or may allow patients to have some peace of mind concerning their condition. While this technology is still in its infancy, and it is impossible to tell if and when a great leap will be made in the practicality of the medical use of AI (namely the Google Duplex), prospects are looking good at the moment.

Although there are many opposers to the rise of AI such as Duplex, progress does not look as if it is inclined to come to a halt at the moment. The release of the Duplex to the public, while limited, shows that Google’s new technology is more advanced than any of the company’s competitors, and, if what has already happened is any inclination of the future, Google will likely remain on the front line of the progress of this technology.

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Duplex advancment