RBG: a true American icon

A review of a documentary on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ava Iversen, Section Editor

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This past weekend was the perfect time to go to the movies. Wanting to experiment with seeing more documentary type films, I decided to see the new film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG. Me, usually not interested in having documentaries be my first pick when I go to the theater, was pleasantly surprised with my film choice for the weekend.  

With the movie’s basic premise follows Ginsberg’s life all the way to her current position as a one of the oldest supreme court justices. The film not only shows her general biography, but also captures the course of her legal career that helped propel her to fame. Showing one of America’s most iconic figures in light that will make everyone learn something new about her, whether you are quite familiar with her journey through life or not.

This documentary overall was an intriguing and delighting film to spend my time watching. I felt the movie did a great job on being both informative, yet still entertaining. I found Ginsberg’s life very captivating, and found inspirations in the time and strength she put forth in her life to become an successful lawyer. Giving her contribution to the justice system, and earning a seat in the highest court in the confines of the United States. This movie really made me appreciate Ginsberg a powerful individual, and the film overall made find interest in a subject I’m very unfamiliar with.  

As for aspects I found less desirable with the movie there were very few notable ones for me. Yet if I had to point some out some flaws in this movie, I guess the movie could have extracted some of the points that dragged a little, maybe even consider making the film be a tad bit shorter even. This is not to say I did not enjoy film, but I feel documentaries are always more effective, and less boring when they don’t appear to be to long or dragging on.

Overall I would recommend this film for everyone to go watch this eye opening experience of a powerful women. A women who still stands tall, and has gone a life journey that should inspire us all to pursue more out of life. Whether you are one to love her or hate her you can’t deny that she is a force to reckon with, and an idol in her own right and this documentary really embodies that.       

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