Fine Arts and The Bond

Maxwell McCartin, Staffer

A closer look in how the bond will effect the Fine Arts Department

The Highland Park ISD bond won the vote, and now we focus on how and when it will affect the community. But what does bond offer for the Fine Arts Department, given their risen stature and occupancy these present years?

The Orchestra, Band and Choir Hall’s should have new facilities built to hold their classes. With the bond, the Fine Arts Department will not have to suffer from the growing numbers of students later on in their now more smaller rooms.

Whether you voted for or against the bond, it will prove positively for the Fine Arts Department; if it hadn’t passed these teachers and Directors would continue to face the issue of lack of space for their classes.

Work will begin in 2016 and last anywhere from 4-5 years, with the initial cost for the High School being $113 million, the cost not just being of the Fine Art Hall’s, but of other classrooms as well. Within these coming years construction will begin, expanding all the Fine Arts Halls to fit a higher capacity of students.

Some of the newer students in Fine Arts are becoming seemingly excited about the expansion. Freshman clarinet player Maisey Ann Martinez states “I can’t wait for a new band hall to come, it’ll be less cramped than the current one now”.

New Halls for the Fine Art courses will allow for more room for students and storage; something much needed by these classes, given their capacity has gone over or are at what their rooms are supposed to hold. With the bond passed, anticipation is high and directors, teachers, and students are looking forward to the expansion to come.