The rise and fall of Bieber

Virginia Fielder, Reporter, The Bagpipe

Listening to the radio is always a relaxing and fun thing to do. Until Justin Bieber’s musics starts blaring through your speakers, making your ears bleed. The songs are very catchy yes, but they are over played. Especially Bieber’s new single ” What Do You Mean?” and the Skrillex song “Where Are Ü Now” that Bieber featured in. Justin’s old hits from 2010 were some of the better ones but still just don’t do it for some people. Maybe if Bieber cleaned up his immature act, people would have more respect for his music.

Bieber released his first few hits in 2010 with his “My World 2.0” album. He sold out Madison Square Garden. People thought he was legendary, which isn’t something you hear very often. What did Bieber do to make all his Beliebers leave? For starters, while in Miami, Justin was arrested for drag racing on his block. Not only that but he was driving under the influence with an expired license. Bieber not only resisted his arrest, but he was setting a bad example for others. Next Bieber committed an attempted robbery when a mother and her thirteen year-old daughter took a picture of him on their phone. Bieber tried to wrestle the woman’s purse with her phone out of her hands. Let’s not forget when Bieber egged his neighbor’s house resulting in $80,00 worth of damage. Also Bieber has been known to repeatedly drink and do drugs which is a BIG no-no. Bieber has been a terrible role model for everyone who used to look up to him. He has no morals. He ruined his own fame.

Even though Bieber has been rude, irresponsible, and immature we can’t forget that he did prove to have talented abilities. Justin Bieber taught himself how to play the guitar, drums, piano, and the trumpet which takes some serious skill. Bieber’s “My World 2.0” album sold over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. Bieber can speak French fluently. He also has an amazingly high vocal range. Bieber became famous over the internet, only posting videos for his family to see. Never did he think he was going to be a celebrity. Justin does have talent, there is no denying it.

Though Bieber has apologized for all his childish behavior, it’s still not enough to most of his fans who have lost faith in him. Justin tainted him music career with his stupidity. He hasn’t learned that all the mistakes he makes are damaging his singing career. Hopefully he will soon so, people can listen to his music without having to switch the channel whenever his music is playing.