Gas Line Explodes, Sparks Street Fire On Westchester

Two people were injured Saturday morning when a gas line erupted near HPHS.


Photo courtesy of Jackson Dean

After a gas line explosion, a fire burns in the street near the Westchester entrance of the parking garage. The fire sent two Atmos workers to Parkland Hospital, and it occurred a day after students and staff were evacuated from the building.

A fire caused by a gas leak occurred near the Westchester entrance to the parking garage on Saturday, Nov. 7 around 9 a.m.

The initial gas leak occurred during seventh period on Nov. 6, and all students and staff were evacuated to the Scotland Yard, where students were later released to go home. The building and parking garage remained closed through the night, forcing students and staff to leave behind personal possessions and cars.

The Saturday morning accident occurred while Atmos Energy workers were working on the gas line break, and the line exploded, resulting in a substantial street fire that caught the attention of the neighborhood gatherers. Emergency personnel responded accordingly, and the fire was extinguished before noon on the same day. Two Atmos personnel were sent to the hospital after the explosion and were later reported to be in stable condition.

Senior Hayes Bohner was aggravated after his computer and car were stuck at the school over the weekend.

“The fire was a major inconvenience because I needed to have college scholarships submitted over the weekend, and I had no access to my computer,” Bohner said. “The students should have been allowed to retrieve their items and cars from the school after the fire was extinguished.”

Due to the gas leak and fire, access to the parking garage and student-drop-off areas are currently limited. The Westchester entrance and exits are closed until further notice while repairs are fixed, so students and staff may only access the garage through the entrance on Glenwick.

The school resumed schedule on Monday, and occupants were able to recover their possessions left in the school over the weekend.