COVID-19: End Of The First Quarter Report

Where HPISD stands as it relates to the pandemic’s impact on our schools


Photo by HPISD

HPISD releases a coronavirus update at the end of the of the first quarter.

Following the end of the first nine-weeks, the district released a coronavirus status report that was sent to all faculty and parents to outline where the district stands in regards to coronavirus and the plans for the rest of the school year. 

Aside from a limited number of school districts that have abandoned virtual instruction completely, there is no school or district with a higher percentage of students on campus. Having additional students on campus has caused adjustments to be made to class configurations to continue to keep students and staff safe. Although, at the high school, the percentage of students now attending classes in person has decreased to 57 percent. 

The district has decided to resume regular school activities, with the ability to participate in athletics, fine arts, etc. Students and parents alike have expressed how these activities have helped things seem “normal” and have been beneficial for students’ mental and emotional health. 

Dallas County has again seen an increase in coronavirus threat level to Code Red status. The county has warned everyone to be cautious, both in and out of school, as they want to try to diminish the spread of the virus as much as possible with winter and the flu season right around the corner. Though there has been no discussion at the district level of returning for an emergency closure at this time, the district feels prepared for any possible situation and states that it will only be considered for the last resort.

The back to school committee has continued to review protocols to eventually reduce the protocols. The committee continues to meet regularly to review current campus safety measures and practices, CDC guidelines, the latest data and the effectiveness of various health and safety strategies. Even though there is no set time or date, the relaxing of protocols is discussed regularly in these meetings. However, with the rise of positive cases both locally and nationally, some setbacks will be set for relaxing the rules. 

HPISD has made improvements in providing remote instruction. The board of teachers has spent a countless amount of time preparing for virtual learning, and the district continues to offer remote education for those who choose this option.

HPISD has received many different opinions about how they should be navigating the pandemic. However, they will continue to monitor, evaluate, and consider all the data. They regularly review their safety response to the epidemic to reduce protocols, health risks, and the spread among students and faculty. 

In the press release, the district expressed hope and said while everyone wants things to go back to normal, they cannot just yet.