‘Tis The Season For Debloating

one Bagpipe blogger’s tips for beating holiday bloat

As tan lines fade away and jeans become the new bikini, the fall and winter holidays make it impossible to escape a feeling of bloat.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all have a reputation of bringing cheer, but they come with massive quantities of food that leave people feeling heavy beyond belief. Celebrating these holidays usually ends in a “food coma” that makes people feel like investing in a large number of elastic pants.

“I eat a lot during Christmas and Thanksgiving because of all the leftovers and eating a lot of food at one time,” junior Anna Gregory said. 

Eating so much is an easy way to feel bloated, but there are ways to get around that. Here are five easy ways to beat the holiday bloat.

1. Wait It Out

If you are going to eat a lot of food in one sitting, try to eat slower and take time in between each meal. As you eat rapidly you begin to ingest air, making it harder to digest your food. When having a large family meal, pace how much you eat. The meal is going to be a long one anyway.

2. Plant-Based drinks

A combination of ginger and apple cider vinegar is a great way to debloat. Yes, it doesn’t taste the best, but it will be worth it. Apple cider vinegar is used to help control your blood pressure, according to the University of Chicago. This will help take away the sudden crash a big meal can have. Ginger helps soothe your stomach during digestion. 

Photo by Alexis Jackson

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink plenty of water. More than likely, when you have some sort of health problem it can be solved with water, as it flushes out a lot of the food in your digestive tract. It also balances the amount of sodium in your body, which will help push away that bloated feeling.

“I drink water and that helps a lot,” Gregory said. 

4. A Quick Workout

You do not have to go to a marathon after Thanksgiving dinner. A simple walk with your dog and family can help.

“After I drink a lot I drink water and workout a little, that helps a lot,” junior Madison Muncy said. 

 Walking is an easy way to stimulate your digestive system, which can help you feel normal again. So instead of sitting on your couch letting your meal settle, go out for a walk. It will help your stomach process food more efficiently.

5. Forget About It

During winter and fall, there are three holidays meant to spread cheer, share with your loved ones and have fun. That means during three months, you are most likely going to indulge on more than one occasion. From binging on Halloween candy, to a Thanksgiving feast, and finally Christmas cookies, candy and meals, your waistline might feel like it is going to explode. But it’s important to remember this is just a special occasion. Most likely, you aren’t going to gain any permanent weight. Just make sure to remember you can’t eat like it’s Thanksgiving every day, but that’s what makes these holidays so special.