It’s Back: Nightmare Named Pennywise Returns To Terrorize

looking into whether highly anticipated “It” sequel lived up to hype

After two years, the nightmare known as Pennywise stole the stage again. 

Following the outstanding final battle scene in “It:Chapter One,” almost three decades passed, and the Losers went their separate ways in life. But as the 27th year since the first battle with the demon clown came to an end, it became time for the seven teenagers known as the Loser’s Club to reunite and fight the evil entity for round two, bringing audiences “It: Chapter Two.”

The second movie has a familiar style to the first, as it utilizes the same structure: the heroes have to find the monster’s weakness and then exploit it.

All members of the club moved out of the picture-perfect town of Derry, Maine – except for Mike who stayed to study Pennywise and his reign of terror on Derry. 

Pennywise’s return launched with a murderous homophobic attack at a carnival. The scene was an eye opener, reminding us that this is no children’s clown. Mike informs the other members of the Losers Club of the unwelcome news. The actors’ reactions were captured significantly, with their horrified faces full of anxiety, showing how childhood tragedies will always be a part of life.

Even though the scares generated some deja-vu-ish memories, Director Andy Muschietti uses emotion like an artist uses paint, so the emotion still felt new and unique to chapter two. Another aspect of the movie that was done correctly was its casting. The young and adult actors mirrored each other nicely. The adult actors’ grasp on their characters was marvelous. 

 As the Loser’s Club learns more about the evil entity, the movie gives us a couple of scares but drags on as moviegoers wait for the anticipated final battle. The movie uses flashbacks to  “It: Chapter One” to reintroduce its characters as they each fight Pennywise, who takes advantage of their fears individually. However, the final battle of the movie is highly predictable due to its lack of originality borrowing heavily from the first movie. Overall, the movie is enjoyable, but like most sequels, you still can’t beat the first.