The champions

Alex Roos, Staffer

As of Monday the Virginia Cavaliers have become the national champions in the college basketball scene for the first time, as the Cavaliers took the win over Texas Tech with a score of 85 to 77. The Cavaliers had to triumph over many teams to have the title of National Champions. The Cavaliers fought off teams like Gardner-Webb, Oklahoma, Oregon, Purdue, and Texas Tech.

The Virginia Cavaliers basketball team has been around for 114 years. Last year they had a big loss against the No. 16 seed team Maryland Baltimore County, a relatively large upset since the Cavaliers are a No. 1 seed team.

“Forget last year, this is everything you’ve dreamed of since you’re a little kid,” Ty Jerome said. Jerome rang up 16 points with eight assists, the most monumental one to De’Andre Hunter with 12.9 seconds left in regulation.

“You have a scar, and it reminds you of that [March 2018], but it’s a memory,” 10th-year Coach Tony Bennett, the ‘architect of the unprecedented,’ said. “Does it go away completely? No, I wish it wouldn’t have happened in some ways. Now I say, ‘Well, it bought us a ticket here. So be it.’ . . . Is the pain gone? I still feel a little ‘uhh’ because I remember that feeling, but I think we’re okay.”

Virginia was shooting 45.8 percent both overall and from the three point line. Virginia was putting Texas Tech on the ropes as the score kept rising for the Cavaliers. The score reached ten point deficits in both halves forcing Texas to throw three pointers to help alleviate the damage.

“The one thing I said to them before in the locker room,” Bennett said, “I said, ‘You guys faced pressure that no team in the history of the game has faced, well, really all year, but being down 14 against [No. 16 seed] Gardner-Webb, and you did not panic in that moment, and you fought, and you found a way out.”