Dallas TV attack

Truck crashes into Fox 4 Studios

Sarah Rogers, Staffer

A pickup truck repeatedly slammed into the Fox 4 studios in downtown Dallas during a live newscast on Sept. 5. After crashing into the building, the suspect jumped out of his trunk and started ranting before he was arrested. The police identified the driver as Michael Chadwick Fry, 34 – who has a lengthy criminal background. After crashing his truck, FOX 4 photojournalists were able to film Fry placing numerous boxes filled with stacks of paper next to the building. The papers were also strewn across the sidewalk and street.

Throughout this chaotic scene, Fry was yelling “High treason! High treason!” and was trying to make his way to a window that people inside were standing up against. A Fox 4 reporter said Fry threw papers around the truck. The flyers contained writings about news coverage from a 2012 shooting that happened in Krum, TX. These papers were detailing the event, in which a man who Fry was riding with smashed into a Denton County Sheriff’s Deputy vehicle during a traffic stop in Krum. Roberto Hernandez, the 21-year-old driver, was shot and killed by the deputy. Fry then went on ranting about how he was supposed to be shot instead of his friend.

“This event was caused by the fact his friend was shot by police officer in 2012, even though he has angst about this, no one has a right to cause this scene,”  former reporter Kathy Hunt said. “It is not the way to get attention.”

Fry was taken into custody with protest by the police. He initially was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation and then to jail. Fry has a prior criminal history that includes arrests for assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, DWI and burglary in Denton County. He now faces charges for felony criminal mischief. Fry was being held in jail on a $7,500 bail, according to the Dallas News, on the recent assault and resisting charges. However, court records show in the last 15 years of his criminal history that he failed to show up for court 7 times.

“I do think that mental health was a part of this, it could be a defiant part of this driver’s action of crashing his truck into the building,” Hunt said. “He was obviously affected tragically when his friend was shot right in front of him.”