Messy, Messy, Messy…

An easy and fun way to make gingerbread houses without using actual gingerbread.

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Messy, Messy, Messy…

Abigail Washam

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The task of making a gingerbread house is one that most everyone wants to do each year around the Christmas season. But actually making the gingerbread walls can be far more difficult and time consuming than one might actually realize, and there is always a chance that the recipe could go wrong. Though there is always the option of just going to the store to buy a pre-made house kit, but there is a new, more creative alternative, using something most probably have sitting around in their kitchens? A box of graham crackers now has a new purpose: Graham Cracker Gingerbread houses!

This is a super fun, and for the most part easy, way to spread some holiday cheer around a house. Necessary ingredients are some icing to glue the walls together, a box of graham crackers and any sort of candy to decorate the house with. Something small to put on for the roof  is advisable, because if it gets too heavy the graham cracker house will collapse.

Icing can be another tricky part to this project. This can either be bought from the store or made at home. Two cans of store bought icing can do the trick, in case there is a need to start over. Having extra is always nice, since icing makes such a tantalizing snack.

When all the necessary things for a graham cracker house have been gathered, construction can commence. Begin by setting a foundation for the four walls. It would be advisable to have a plate or something underneath so that the house can be moved and rotated easily. It is highly recommend to take the time to hold the walls somewhat steady until it is sure that they will not fall over.

Once the foundation is finished, start adding the candies to the house. For the roof, it’s always a cute idea to put the little candy shingles, and for around the house use little marshmallows (potentially in the different shapes) for bushes.

For my own house, I made a little walkway at the front out of candy wafers and I put a chocolate Santa instead of a door- this I think gives the house more of a cute feel than the normal front door look. In the end though, the house can be as cute or as normal as the builder feels it should be!

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