Amazon HQ2 Headquarters


Sarah Rogers, Staffer

As seen on the recent news, Amazon is in search for a location for their second headquarters. Cities are bending in every which way to get their city to be chosen. The DFW Metroplex is one of the top contenders for the new location and this could be a big boost in the Dallas economy. The construction cost for the new headquarters would cost five billion dollars and would bring 50,000 new high-paying jobs. Another bonus is that if Dallas was chosen it would bring 53,000 non-Amazon jobs and 38 billion dollars worth of investments in the local economy.

But, Dallas isn’t the only one of the major cities in the lineup, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C and many others cities have had their names tossed around in the discussion. Amazon’s first headquarters’ employees are spread across 33 buildings totaling 8.1 million square feet in downtown Seattle. Some cities have gone as far as if they were chosen for the new headquarters they would rename their city.

Amazon has assembled a list of likings such as: a suburban or urban area with more than 1 million people, a place that will attract technical talent, located within 45 minutes of an international airport, and connected to mass transit. DFW has numerous things that will make it appealing to multi-billion dollar corporations looking to expand their operations to another city. If you drive out far north and west of the city you will find cheap and plentiful land. There are multiple warehouses and office spaces already built and they are inexpensive compared to other major business markets.

“I think that amazon will determine which city they pick by the city that the city that will offer them to most incentive on taxes, and give them free rent to where the incentive is to pick that city.” said, Steve Nolen.

If the new headquarters were built in DFW it would definitely affect Dallas residents. They would find a tighter housing market to both purchase and rent, but Amazon also would force up pay scales. Over the next 10 years the population increase would be 50,000 will help keep the DFW economy growing. To put that in perspective the region generates twice that many new jobs every year.

“We would be stoked if it was in Dallas and it would be a great for the economy of Dallas and it would boost the population and the unemployment rate.” Frances Mitchell said.

Over 50 cities have put in applications and bids to be the next Amazon headquarters, but only one will be chosen. Amazon is being very specific in which city will be chosen and how it will affect the economy.