One-meal bowls


Sarah Rogers, Staffer

Many people are asking themselves “why eat a salad instead of a one-meal bowl?” These one-meal bowls are becoming the new trend that mixes nutritional values with scrumptious taste. The key to a healthy lifestyle is being free from avoidable food-related diseases. Eating the right meal composition in the right amount will boost the body’s immune system, help maintain a healthy body weight, provide the body with enough energy, reduce body fat, promote good rest and grant a refreshing feeling.

“I got a banana berry bowl from Nekter, and this is a very good idea for a breakfast meal as it leaves you full all day long,” freshman Allison Wagner said.

A one-meal bowl means that one should eat a variety of food that contains protein, vitamins carbohydrates and fiber. In addition, drinking enough water is paramount. However, it is important to make sure that the food is not processed and is instead from natural sources.

Food that is considered to be a whole meal should contain at least five portions of fruit and vegetables. People striving to eat healthy should always ensure that they reduce and cut down processed food intake. It is always important to ensure that water intake is high by drinking at least two liters of water a day. In addition, a healthy meal should always contain food that is balanced between the intake of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Eating oily fish once in a week, for example, helps in moderating protein levels in the body.

Moreover, reducing the amount of table salt intake is very important, it is advisable to reduce table salt intake to a level below six grams in a day. Reducing the amount of sugar in a diet is also very essential in maintaining a healthy life.

“I got the idea of trying a Nékter one meal bowl, as my friends recommended these, and they seem pretty healthy and seem pretty nutritious.” freshman Christiane Mandes said.

Having a balanced diet and maintaining a good nutrition in every meal has been proven to assist greatly in reducing the chances of developing most present-day illnesses. All food should be prepared and served in a way that maintains hygiene. One meal bowls is a way to get a balanced meal without having a large serving of food.