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Scots Win Against MacArthur Cardinals by Double Digits at Homecoming Football Game

The homecoming game, filled with vibrant performances and community traditions, ultimately ended in another victory for the Scots.
Photo by Zoie Carlile
At the homecoming game, the Scots fended off the MacArthur Cardinals, keeping the opposition from scoring until the fourth quarter.

In 1911, the athletic director at The University of Missouri, Chester Brewer, invited past alumni to “come home,” and watch a Mizzou football game. This is what is most often regarded as the first homecoming game.

It was not until the 1920s that high schools began to adopt the homecoming tradition. In 1943, our high school began its own tradition of crowning a homecoming queen. 80 years later, we still continue this tradition.

On Friday, Oct. 10, the Highland Park Scots won their homecoming game 24-14 against the MacArthur Cardinals.

Senior wide receiver Canon Spackman caught the ball and ran for a 32-yard touchdown during the first quarter, making the Scot’s first touchdown of the night. The defense was able to keep MacArthur off the scoreboard for the rest of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, senior punter Nicholas Rigas scored a field goal with just 13 seconds left on the clock.

By half time the score was 10-0. During the halftime show, MacArthur’s dancers and band performed. Once MacArthur was finished performing, the Highland Belles took to the field for the performance .

After the Belles performed, previous alumni were brought onto the field, and the homecoming queen was announced. The homecoming nominees, Emma Wheeler, Campbell Sharpe, Jenna Bowen, Kate Barry, Claire Romo and Olivia Xiao were escorted onto the field by their fathers. To the cheers of the students, Kate Barry took home the crown.

After halftime ended, the Scots kicked off the ball to start the third quarter. MacArthur’s drive ended in a sack, and a partially blocked punt.

The next scoring drive started with three minutes left in the third quarter. Senior running back Cooper Schendle returned the ball to the forty-five-yard line. Schendle was filling in for senior captain and running back Wilson Axley.

“I thought I did a good job as a leader, because I was filling in for Wilson Axley [who is] a captain.”

In the same drive, Schendle made a 19-yard play. The drive ended in a 12-yard rushing touchdown by senior running back Keller Holmes. The extra point was approved with 21 seconds left on the clock. The score was 17-0.

Near the start of the fourth quarter, MacArthur scored their first touchdown. The score was now 17-6. MacArthur’s scoring drive ended in an interception from senior cornerback Wes Giese, after they attempted a two point conversion.

The next drive started when MacArthur failed an onside kick. The next touchdown was at the five minute mark where Schendle scored again.

The final touchdown was a fourth down conversion. It was fourth and second when MacArthur scored a rushing touchdown. It took place with only 1:30 minutes left in the fourth quarter. MacArthur went for another two point conversion, but this time it worked.

The Scots received the ball to start the final drive, and ended the game with a kneel.

Overall, the team played great, but the coaches think there is always room for improvement.

“I don’t think we did as well as we would’ve liked,” defensive coordinator Robert Leidner said. “But as a whole I’m really pleased with the way the boys played.”

Offensive coordinator Greyson Wells agrees that there are gaps to be filled.

“They got a little tired late in the game,” Wells said. “We did have some errors, and things we could work on, and we’ll go back to work and try to get what we got wrong fixed.”

This was the teams fifth win in a row, and their seventh win of the season. And notably, the defense was able to keep MacArthur from scoring until the fourth quarter.

“I think we did a great job handling adversity,” Schendle said. “I don’t think we came out like we wanted to, but we still fought hard and ended up winning by double digits.”

Even when MacArthur did score, the team never dropped below a ten point lead. The Scots have the highest win streak out of any team in their division, and are tied for the highest number of wins in their division.

With two games of the season left, this is seemingly going to be another amazing year for Scots football. The Scots have achieved a homecoming win streak lasting over 10 years, and it does not seem like it will end any time soon.