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Calligraphy Club Finds Success In Its First Year

Club works to support non-profit organizations
Photo courtesy of Riley Chu
The Calligraphy for Cause club recently hosted an event where members made cards for Voice of Hope. Though the club is relatively new, it’s already making an impact in the community.

The Calligraphy for a Cause club, a club dedicated to making cards in calligraphy to donate to people in need, met on Mar. 25 to make cards to give to the Voice of Hope charity.

Voice of Hope is a non-profit ministry that helps families and provides education and support to children in Dallas.

“I’ve worked with [Voice of Hope] in the past and I really liked their message and what their charity is for,” President of the Calligraphy for a Cause club junior Emma Graham said.

The club was founded at the beginning of this school year.

“I love calligraphy and I noticed that there wasn’t a club that was specifically for calligraphy,” Graham said.

The purpose of the Calligraphy for a Cause club is to spread positive and inspirational messages through calligraphy cards to various charities. In addition to Voice of Hope, more charities the club donates to include Treemont Nursing Home and Traymore Nursing Home.

[The members] walk in knowing they will have a great time and walk out knowing that they have helped a charity.

— Emma Graham

“It’s for a really good cause and it is fun,” Publicity Officer junior Daisy Murphy said.

“I enjoy being with my friends and making cards.”

Murphy explains that as the Publicity Officer of the club, she advertises when meetings and important events are.

“I run the Instagram account, make all the posts and, if [Graham] needs me to, I can announce something,” she said.

Murphy explains that the club has been flourishing and has been popular among students.

“It’s a pretty new club, but it has been pretty successful so far,” she said.

Club member freshman Hadley Shaikh enjoys going to the club meetings because she is able to help others and enjoys being around the atmosphere of the club.

“It’s really chill, we hang out [and write cards] for an hour or two and it’s really fun and super relaxing,” she said.

Shaikh joined the club this year because many people told her it would be a good and fun experience.

“My mom told me it would be a fun idea because she did calligraphy in high school and some of my friends wanted to do it too,” she said.

Shaikh has been able to meet a variety of new people by joining the club even as a freshman.

“Most of the people there are juniors, so I found out more about the classes next year,” she said.

Shaikh has also learned a variety of lessons while being a member of this club, one of those being that even the smallest amount of kindness can change someone’s day.

“Putting thought into the little things [goes a long way] for other people because [the cards] take five seconds to make, but can really impact someone’s day [positively],” she said.

Graham stated that when donating to these charities, they usually don’t see the people the cards are given to, but when they do, it further solidifies the club’s ultimate mission.

“One time, Voice of Hope sent me pictures of children receiving the cards and they all [looked] super happy,” she said. “It was really nice to see [those] photos because you could see how excited they were about these cards,”

Graham has lots of future goals for the club that she wants to implement next year.

“I probably [will] make a few more officer positions,” she said. “[Another] main goal is to work with more charities and to maybe come up with more ideas I could do instead of just cards that are calligraphy-related. [I] also [want] to have two meetings a month.”

Graham explains that club members leave these meetings with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

“[The members] walk in knowing they will have a great time and walk out knowing that they have helped a charity,” she said.

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