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Jesuit Outscores Boys Varsity Baseball

Long-lived rivalry brings loss for varsity team
Photo by Ellie Cooper
At the game against Jesuit, junior Acie Hickman goes up to bat. The two schools are long-time rivals and the Scots suffered a disappointing loss. “We knew we should have beat them and so did they. We didn’t have our best stuff that weekend, but hopefully we will see them in playoffs,” Hickman said.

The boys varsity baseball team lost to Jesuit 3-1 on Mar. 31 at Scotland Yard. 

Sophomore Bryce Laczkowski started off the first inning with a hit. After Laczkowski made it to first base, senior Jack True batted, which made him move to first base and Laczkowski to second base. 

In the first inning, the game looked promising for the team.

Next up to bat was senior Parker Stephens and he hit four fouls. He waited to run, but eventually got out, making the score 0-0.

The first batter for Jesuit struck out, giving Jesuit its first out. 

In the second inning Jesuit scored two points, making the score 0-2.

As the Scots kept switching out of batting, Jesuit kept scoring points, which lead to the team getting struck out. 

“The team morale was definitely lowered because we lost,” True said.

In the third inning, the Scots finally scored a point, leaving the game 1-2. 

Before the game, the team was ready to try and take on Jesuit, so once they scored a point, the crowd yelled with cheers.

“I definitely saw improvement from our last game because the team was fired up to rebound from Jesuit,” True said.

As the game progressed, the boys were getting restless and would resort to their old ways of practice instead of what their coach was telling them.

“Coach [Travis] Yoder is always trying to help us win, so he calls bunts and steals during the games to try to give us an edge,” True said. “Instead of really doing what we did in practice and what coach was trying to tell us what to do, towards the fourth inning, we just lost hope.”

In the fourth inning, Jesuit scored another point, making the final score of the game 1-3.

“It’s disappointing to lose, but we always think of what we can improve on and apply it forward,” senior Sam Webster said.

Although the team lost, the Scots have started to work on ways to improve.

“I think I need to improve on working with my team and coordinating with them,” senior Adam O’Rourke said.

Because of the loss, the team’s spirit was lowered and the boys were disappointed.

“I have played Jesuit once before my sophomore year on JV [Junior Varsity], and this year, they were the biggest game that we were looking forward to,” True said. “ We tried our best, but couldn’t come through when we really needed to and lost to them this year.”

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