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Girls Basketball Season Nears End

Team looks back on successful season.
Photo by Matteo Winandy
In a game against Lake Highlands, senior Vivian Jin defends the ball. The girls basketball team has had one of their most successful seasons. “We were really able to step up to 6A without a problem and we were able to play with a lot of chemistry this year as everyone really knew what their individual roles were,” Jin said.

The girls basketball season is coming to a close on districts with an impressive 10-0 winning streak. 

They had one more game against JJ Pearce in the tournament.

“Our toughest opponents have been Richardson and Lake Highlands,” Head coach Nicole Flemming said. “We faced Richardson twice and will face Lake Highlands in a couple of weeks. The girls have been doing a really good job of focusing on what our team needs to do to be successful and keeping the team as the number one priority, which is why we have been so successful.”

 The girls have played 10 games in Districts and won them all. They started Districts on Jan. 3rd.

“We’re currently undefeated and still have a few more games to go but overall the team is looking really good and we hope to have a long run in the playoffs,” senior varsity player Vivian Jing said.

Going into pre-season, it was making sure that we had everything down and ready to go as far as defense and offensive execution,

— Nicole Flemming

The team faced Pearce, Irving, Nimitz, Lake Highlands, Richardson, Macarthur, Berkner. They will face Pearce, Irving, Nimitz, and Lake Highlands again for their last four games in the Second Phase. 

“It’s really cool to see how we stay engaged with each other, but overall, we’ve been practicing after school before school during school for basically the entire school year so far and it’s been great to be on a team that’s worked so hard and I’m really excited for what’s coming up for the rest of district and post season,” freshman and varsity player Cate Young said.

The team is currently in stage two of Districts play. They went 3-0 during the first stage. Their first stage was from December 9th-19th against Richardson, Mckarther, and Burkner. 

“Going into pre-season, it was making sure that we had everything down and ready to go as far as defense and offensive execution,” Fleming said. 

“As we moved into districts we were able to move forward in adding to our game, adding to the playbook. Now that we’re in the second round we’ve done an additional tweak to our playbook where we’ve added some new defenses and a couple of new offenses which has been beneficial for us,” Fleming said.

Girls Varsity beat JJ Pearce 63-34 in their first game back from winter break. They then destroyed Irving 88-19 in their second game in stage two.

“One of our goals as a team is to keep a mindset, Coach Talan always calls it 00 mindset,” Young said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re up by 30 40 50, the game is 00, anything could happen, anything could change it.”

The team then played Nimitz, Lake Highlands, and Richardson which were their closest games, but the team pulled through and added another win. 

“That first half of that game was close, but our team is a second half team, we definitely pulled away and claimed what we’ve worked so hard for in that first round of District,” Young said. 

Their last three games have also been sweeps against Macarthur, Berkner, Pearce. The Scots won against Pearce again 75-29. 

“I think our team chemistry is really good and we are all unselfish, willing to make the next pass which really benefits us on the court,” Jing said.

The team has three more games to play against Irving, Nimitz, and Lake Highlands. After that, there will be Bi-Districts, Area, Regionals, and finally the Championship.

“I would just say it’s a really special and talented group and the season is going to be over before we know it,” Young said. “I would really encourage students to come out and support because it’s special for the audience and special to be a part of this team for sure. I’m very proud of it.”

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