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Netflix’s New Looks

Netflix original steps up fashion in recent season
Graphic by Chloe Nugent
Mindy, Sylvie and Emily are depicted in their most iconic looks from the season three of “Emily in Paris.” The most recent season aired on Dec. 21.

In “Emily in Paris,” each character has their own sense of style, but Emily, Mindy and Sylvie’s fashion sense truly shines in comparison. 

Emily wears loud colors, patterns, and statement pieces for her everyday fashion. Her style feels like it’s popping out of the screen and drawing the viewer’s attention. Her upbeat personality radiates through her unique fashion choices. Emily’s style developed and flourished as she surrounded herself with the Parisian lifestyle, which introduced her to a brand-new world of fashion.

Emily’s all-purple look radiates a vibe of a loofah. She pairs an Iris Apfel giant puffy jacket with a purple and yellow floral print dress. This look stood out to me as the jacket bounced and twirled across the screen as Emily moved.

Her day-to-day style usually includes a beret and a blazer, contrasting her statement night looks and her simple day ones. 

The pink and red feather outfit immediately made my eyes widen. The perfect polka dot dress was paired with a matching feather jacket designed by Marylin Fitoussi, the show’s costume designer. This outfit flowed in the wind and showed the beauty and art of fashion in its natural element. The only comment about the outfit is I think instead of teal shoes, the red Versace platform pumps would have pulled the entire look together. 

Another look that drew my attention was Emily’s outfit for the Pierre Cadot party. The zebra print Dolce and Gabbana top’s shoulders stick straight up, creating a unique clothing canvas that empowers Emily’s presence. Her confidence and bubbly personality allow her to pull off such extreme and vibrant looks without them looking awkward. 

As Mindy’s talent became recognizable to the world, her fashion became the best out of all the characters in the show. Mindy’s looks on stage were exceptionally unique and one of a kind. Her neon yellow Mugler suit shined on stage and grasped the audience’s attention. Her ability to perform and her loud personality shows through her style choices. 

One of my favorite outfits from this season was Mindy’s La Duena Maison Simone dress which featured jewels, pearls and beads to create faces. This dress sparkled and shined on stage and immediately made me search up the designer. The dress featured a button up casual long sleep top paired with a bedazzled skirt bottom creating a balance of fancy and casual. 

Mindy’s day-to-day style even captures the eye. Her casual dinner look included a pair of diamond jean cut offs with a pink and silver diamond top. Her pink lobster earrings tied all of the outfit’s colors together and made it cohesive. Instead of a blue bag, a bubblegum pink would have allowed the look to be perfect. 

Sylvie’s style is night and day compared to Emily and Mindy’s. Sylvie has a traditional European style, which allows for her stern French character persona to show.

Sylvie wore a Vivienne Westwood gown as her first on-screen look. The chic couture dress was elegant and captured her character perfectly. The black print on top of the golden brown dress showed the neutral colors that Sylvie wears consistently. This look showed the classic French style and how neutral colors can still make a statement. 

For Syvie’s everyday looks, she usually wears a messy French aesthetic outfit. Occasionally, she will wear a colorful blazer or two, which pops out as her color palette is more neutral. A color often seen on Sylvie is black, which is a powerful color for Sylvie as it shows her success as a powerful businesswoman in Paris.

My favorite look of Sylvie’s was her dress worn to the Pierre Cardot party. The elegant black dress had a giant circle attached to the back. This edgy look was something new to Sylvie’s style and showed how she can branch out from her usual simple outfits. This beautiful low-neck dress was one of my personal favorite pieces in the entire show. The elements of classy yet unique style combined in this dress to create a dress that showed personality.

In future seasons, I expect to see more beautiful capturing designs and high heel pumps dancing across the screen. The show tends to follow style trends, and I am intrigued to see the outfits that will grace the show in season four and how they will inspire fashion’s future.