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Preparations For Upcoming Softball Season Begin

Scrimmage kicks off season
Photo by Matteo Winandy
During practice, senior Taylor Stanford and junior Audrey Schedler work on pitching and catching. This the first year the team will play for 6A. “I think there’s potential for a solid year as long as we keep working to build team chemistry,” Schedler said.

Junior varsity and varsity softball’s season started with a scrimmage on Jan. 28 at the Mesquite Girls Softball Complex in Mesquite, TX.   

The JV and varsity softball team consists of about 30 girls with 16 of them on varsity and beginning on Jan. 31, softball will have games every week. 

“I enjoy the competition especially now that we are in 6A,” Varsity softball Catcher Third Baseman sophomore Kate Joiner said. “It will be a lot of fun for the games to have that competition that’s going on between the rival schools.

The softball team is led by Head Coach Micheal Pullen, JV Coach April Burns and a new assistant coach, Coach Brady Thomas. Varsity softball Catcher Third Baseman sophomore Kate Joiner says she is grateful to have such supportive coaches.  

“You can go to [Pullen] about anything in your life and he’ll be there and talk to you about it,” she said. “But when you step on the field, he’s very persistent and is going to push you towards your goals and what he thinks you’re capable of.”

Varsity softball Captain and Outfielder senior Reese Singleton respects her coaches because they include the team in decisions. She says the coaches are adamant about including the captains in communication and decision making, which creates an overall better environment.  

I enjoy the competition especially now that we are in 6A,

— Kate Joiner

“[The coaches] definitely rely a lot on us to decide what’s best for the team, which I appreciate,” Singleton said. 

This year, the varsity captains are Schelder, Second Baseman Shortstop junior Campbell Sharpe, Singleton and Second and Third Baseman senior Emily Bailey.

“Captain and center field go hand-in-hand because the center fielder kind of controls the outfield and has priority over everyone on the field, so really they’re both the leadership jobs,” Singleton said. 

Practices currently take place five times a week during 8th period, but during the off-season practices, team building activities take up a lot of time. This is helpful in creating a stronger bond between the players. Singleton says she looks forward to the upcoming season and emphasizes the sense of community in softball. 

“I feel like there’s some of my best friends and we have a lot of people who do outside stuff like band and track and soccer, so it’s a lot of different people,” Singleton said. “We have a lot of fun together.”

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