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Band Hosts Annual Fundraiser For Community

BBQ with the Band celebrates 20 years.
Photo by London Maze
At the start of the BBQ with the Band fundraiser, senior Henry Schieber welcomes guests to the event. The fundraiser was held to raise money for the band and their department. “It’s always great to get the community involved with band and hopefully spark a new generation of kids to join,” Schieber said.

On Friday, Sept. 30, the band held their annual BBQ with the Band and Blue Out fundraiser at the home game against Jesuit.

“I think this is the 20th year and it was started by a family whose son was a drum major,” assistant band director Lisa Stiles said. 

The fundraiser is a tradition created to raise money for the high school and middle school bands and help them with expenses such as sheet music, drill, props, colorguard directors and other necessities. Attendees are encouraged to wear Blue Out shirts to the barbeque and the game in support of the band.

Every year since, the Blue Out and barbecue has encouraged parents, staff, alumni and relatives of alumni from the school to come and perform at the fundraiser. 

“The band [that played] tonight, the lead singer’s son, graduated last year,” Stiles said. “He was a trumpet player in the band.” 

The Blue Out is also held as an opportunity to recruit middle school band members and allow them to see what the high school band experience is like up close.

 “They come to the high school and they sort of get to try out the high school band and see how they like it,” freshman clarinet player Alex Chen said. 

Band director Daren Jordan says he is grateful for all the parent support and credits their help as being one of the reasons why the fundraiser is so successful.

 “The parents do a ton of preparation,”Jordan said. “So that ‘s getting the barbecue together [and] getting a live band here. We also bring in our junior high band.” 

The barbecue part of the night included food provided by Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse and Jordan says this really brings the community together and makes the night enjoyable. 

“My favorite part of the event is the whole barbecue part of it,” Jordan said. “Everybody comes in, we have dinner [and] there’s a live band. I thought that was really great.” 

In addition, the BBQ with the Band includes a raffle, called Platitude With Gratitude, where you can purchase raffle tickets and write the name of a staff member who you think should be recognized.

“The staff member [receives] a $1500 Visa gift card and a basket, so [it serves as] gratitude toward staff members here at Highland Park,” Jordan said.

This year’s fundraiser was successful for the band and Jordan says he feels motivated to challenge the band and push them towards new achievements.

“We get better every year,” he said.  “[The band] is going to San Antonio to play the super region of bands of America, so the goal for us is to be more and more competitive in that arena.”

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