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Harry Styles Concert Doesn’t Disappoint

Artist performs at Moody Center in Austin
Photo by Hannah Madsen
Artist, Harry Styles, starts conversation with fans while performing. Styles held a concert in Austin last September.

Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour” performed at the Moody Center in Austin on Sept. 28, with the third of six nights on his Austin leg of the tour. The concert was a triumph and a night to remember.

Arriving in Austin, every person you see takes one look at your eccentric outfit and knows that you are there for the concert. As you walk around the outside of the arena, the sidewalks are filled with people camped out in line, hoping to get into the concert. Their boa feathers lining the streets like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the concert.

Walking up to the Moody Center, lines of excited fans, dressed in their most creative outfits including sequins and boas, dot the streets every direction you look. Throughout the arena, people line the halls to take a picture of themselves in front of one of many Styles backdrops, bursting with excitement. On the arena floor, groups of people are sitting down, claiming their spot to be as close to Styles as possible. 

Some people in the pit sit with their perfectly-planned creative sign, hoping that Styles will interact with them during the show. Crowds of people sing songs together while waiting for the concert to begin, making everyone feel like they are one big community.

As it gets closer to the start, more people come filing into the arena and the lights begin to dim. The opening act, the Gabriels, were loved by the crowd as they waved their flashlights to one of their songs in unison.

At 9 p.m, the lights began to dim once more, causing the crowd to start cheering Harry’s name. The crowd, nervous with anticipation, began to cheer as music began to play and each member of Harry’s band took the stage. Once colorful lights on the stage began to light up, the excited faces of the audience. 

Finally Styles rises through the floor, the lights flashing all the colors of the rainbow and  the audience screaming with anticipation. Seconds later, Styles begins to sing his first song of the night, “Daydreaming,” each person singing along cheering, smiling and dancing together. People only began to slow down when they heard the starting notes to his song “Matilda” because the crowd turned on their flashlights and swayed.

After singing a few songs, Styles stopped to interact with the crowd. When he read a sign about a woman’s 50th birthday, he got the entire arena to sing to her. He also interacted with a sign by a person asking if she should leave her boyfriend and had the crowd voting on what she should do. He made many peoples’ day by talking to them, smiling, waving and catching everything they threw at him.

Once Styles finished and left the stage, the crowd chanted for an encore, specifically for the song “Medicine.” After a couple of minutes, Styles returned to the stage and appeased the crowd by not only singing “Medicine,” but another crowd favorite, “Kiwi.” No one wanted the excitement to end.

Styles is an incredible performer and does such a fantastic job at interacting with his fans, which makes his shows such a joy to attend. I would highly recommend seeing Styles to anyone, even if you aren’t with his music, as anyone would enjoy seeing him perform and dancing with the crowd to the music. If the opportunity ever presents itself to see him live, I wouldn’t hesitate to attend again.