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Opinion: Andrew Tate Is Damaging A Generation

Self proclaimed alpha-male creates disturbing internet discourse
Photo by Kimmie Johansen
In the hallway sophomore Brooks Simmons holds up a photo of Andrew Tate. Tate has a largely male audience, many of whom are teens. “I don’t agree with his negative comments about women, but I like how he empowers men,” Simmons said.

Andrew Tate is an internet personality, known for his rants of how women should be submissive and subservient to men.

His claim to fame started when he became a kickboxer, where he’d later gain the nickname of “Cobra.” Even though Tate has retired from kickboxing, it’s safe to say that his passion for fighting has still remained part of his character. After his retirement he later became well known for being on the reality show, “Big Brother.” While being in the show his personality was watered down and the cast ignored and talked over him. He left the show early on due to a leaked video of him abusing a woman with a belt, however both parties have since defended the video as consensual. 

Although Tate had a career in kickboxing and a brief stint on reality TV, that’s not where he made his millions. 

Tate created a website for “educational reasons” where he sells advice to young impressionable boys on how to get with women and also how to get women to be submissive. Tate’s personal website included courses on getting rich and “male-female interactions.” The website stated that Tate and his brother also own a webcam business that uses their girlfriends as adult-film stars. 

Claiming to have made millions off of this business, Tate even states himself that the business model is a total scam. According to the Tate brothers they started the webcam business because of the plethora of women they had at their house, and they thought if the girls were there they might as well monetize them. In fact, when one of Tristan’s girlfriends refused to cam he dumped her right on the spot. He was dead set on using women for profit, which is dehumanizing and disgusting.  

They adopted a new, modernized way of pimping women online to make money, and they’ve since encouraged their audience to do the exact same. Tate and his brother are setting a horrible example for their impressionable fan base on how to treat women. From there the brothers were able to upgrade to a five bedroom penthouse in Hertfordshire, making huge profits before leaving the UK for Romania. 

It is alleged that Tate moved to Romania, where he currently resides,  to evade detection for human trafficking. Tate’s house was raided the first time on April 11. Tate’s house was raided by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism of Romania in relation to a human trafficking and rape investigation. In April 27, around the time UK police were investigating abuse allegations, Tate moved to Romania. As of now, Romanian authorities say that the investigation is ongoing, but Tate has denied any wrongdoing.

It’s worrying how Tate opens the door for young and impressionable teenage boys with a lack of direction in their lives to fall down this harmful pipeline of ideology. Coming across as some well-educated and experienced guru, Tate gains support from his followers unaware of his true story.

Even if Tate does not return to social media platforms, individuals like him have a strange way of sticking around. While some defend his right to stay on the internet, others rejoice at the mass exodus of his profiles. What’s not to be disputed is the lasting impact Tate has made on the internet over the past few months.

Tragically, Tate likely will remain a role model for boys who feel validated by putting down women. Until then, Tate will continue to feed them invalid advice, dated opinions of women and toxic masculinity. The only way Tate will become irrelevant is if he’s banned forever on all social media platforms which would be a huge service to all those who consume his content. 


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