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Varsity Football Dominates Marcus In 38-24 Win

Team kicks off season with successful first game

The varsity football team beat Marcus High School in a 38-24 victory on Friday, Aug. 28. 

“I had no doubts and I just knew we were [gonna] go out there and win,” quarterback Brennan Storer said. “Confidence comes through preparation and we prepared as well as we knew how.”

Starting off the first quarter, the team scored their first touchdown with five minutes to go. The score was now 7-0. 

There were over 5,000 people in the stands of the home and visitors side of the stadium. The night was clear and hot, but students and parents continued to show their spirit. 

As the second quarter began, Marcus received the ball and attempted to score a touchdown, but instead made a field goal. The score was now 7-3. 

Time was running out, the team scrambled to get a new number on the scoreboard. They scored a field goal with four minutes on the clock. The score was now 10-3. 

It seemed that the team was up and ahead, until Marcus came back and scored a touchdown with 20 seconds left in the quarter. 

The first half ended in a tie, 10-10. 

The third quarter started with a kickoff to Marcus, but that soon ended when they failed to score. Four minutes into the quarter, the team ran the ball for another touchdown. The crowd yelled in excitement as the score was now 17-10. 

Confidence comes through preparation and we prepared as well as we knew how.

— Brennan Storer

Halfway through the quarter, Storer passed the ball to junior running-back Wilson Axley, making yet another touchdown. The extra point went through, increasing the score to 24-10. 

Just as the team thought they were safe, Marcus came back with two minutes left, and scored a touchdown. The score was now 24-17.

Both teams strived to keep possession of the ball as the clock was ticking down in the fourth quarter. 

Senior Jay Cox, a running back, recalled his emotions during the final minutes of the game.

“I loved the tension and how close it [the score] was but at the same time being in control…,” Cox said. 

Marcus started the quarter with a touchdown, making the game a tie with a score of 24-24. 

The team then came back with a 30-yard touchdown by Adam Rourke. The score went up 31-24. 

As the game was coming to an end, the crowd began to lose its energy. That changed when Marcus scored a touchdown, making the score 38-24. Players on the sideline cheered and hugged one another as a victory seemed in sight for the Scots. 

Marcus aimed for a last chance to score, but the team defense tackled quarterback Jackson Hildebrand. Time ran out, and a rally of cheers erupted from the stands. 

“I was happy to get that first win under our belt and I was just really excited thinking about the potential this team has,” Storer said. “I feel like we dominated on both sides of the ball so the sky was the limit.” 

Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Grayson Wells felt proud of his team’s win. 

“We were all excited…it’s always great to get a win in game one, especially at home,”   

Wells said. “…The first game is a big morale booster.”

Wells said making sure the team was running the right plays and taking advantage of Marcus’ defense helped secure the win.

“I also worked to make sure we were giving the quarterback time to throw the ball,” he said. 

Storer feels winning the first game will make for a successful season. 

“I think this game has put a lot of confidence into us and we know if we execute no one can beat us…,” he said. “We need to just keep playing how we are and we will reach our goals.”

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