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Review: Bridgerton Season Two Whimsical, Entertaining

Second season comes out on top
Photo by August Lazzaro
The second season of the hit Netflix series Bridgerton was released on March 25. Season 2 garnered praise from critics and audiences alike.

“Dearest Readers,” as Lady Whistledown would say, the new season of Bridgerton has proved itself to be extraordinary and thoughtful, even with the competition of the first season that was binge watched around the globe. 

Following the immense success of the first season, the second season has been highly anticipated and viewers have speculated for months about what’s next for the Bridgerton family. Whether or not the second scene would contain as many graphic scenes as the last season seemed to be a big talking point within Bridgertons’ community. Thankfully, the opposite seems to be true, as there are fewer graphic scenes to be worried about than in the previous season.

The first episode starts out with us knowing beforehand that the main character of the second season, Anthony Bridgerton, needs to find his Viscountess, although he wants a wife with extremely specific qualities. While searching for his betrothed, Anthony meets the Sharma family, a mother and two sisters, that reside under the hand of Lady Danbury. As Anthony gets to know the two Sharma sisters he finds that one sister, Kate, is stubborn and tenacious while the other, Edwina, is polite and kind. 

At the beginning of the season, Kate certianly appeared to be a bit stuck up, but that could definitely be contributed to her more feminist and confident personality. On the other hand, Kate’s sister Edwina is completely the opposite due to her more courteous and kind hearted personality, yet overall both characters are equally lovable.

Due to the second season being more focused on Anthony than Daphne Bridgerton, Anthony’s sister, the Duke Simon does not make an appearance this season. This development was worrisome, as the arrival of numerous new characters and the loss of a major one certainly was a lot to take in. 

Sticking with characters, as seen in the finale of season one, you finally figure out who the mysterious Lady Whistledown is. This new season details how this character must keep their cover from the queen. 

The investigation of Lady Whistledown is still being foreseen in the new season by the queen and as the season goes on she does narrow it down to a handful of people. With several characters on the ballot, watchers’ curiosity will definitely grow as the queen comes closer to realizing who the mysterious woman is. 

Overall, the third episode,“A Bee In Your Bonnet,” was a favorite of mine. This is because of how you can see connections forming through many characters inside the Bridgerton family country estate that are frequently supported by flashbacks from before watchers were even introduced to the show’s storyline.

One character, Eloise Bridgerton, has great character development due to her growing self-confidence. This season she becomes one of the many debutants, a source of conflict for her as she would clearly rather pursue a life of education. The way this internal conflict develops is intriguing, especially because in some ways it is relatable.

This season, like the first, also focuses on another family. The Featheringtons have been in despair due to Lord Featherington passing away in the last season and leaving them in financial ruin. This season introduces a new Lord Featheringtons who is the family’s second cousin. 

In the last few episodes of the chaotic season there are disgraceful rumors whirling around both the Bridgertons and Sharmas. These nearly throw both families’ reputations down the drain, but in the end, we all knew that they would bounce back like a tennis ball. 

The ending of the season is fabulous, and I think Anthony chose the right sister because the other one was meant to find her true prince charming. I hope in future seasons we all get closure on who one of the Sharmas ends up with. 

In short, the new season was successful and exceeded all my expectations. The storyline keeps watchers on their toes wondering what will happen next, and the character development for the characters is astronomical. I predict the TV show will have continued success, and stick around for a long time.

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