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Review: Sadelle’s Brings Elegance, High Prices To Dallas

New york-based restaurant opens in Highland Park Village
Photo by Chloe Nugent
The veal pelmeni at Sadelle’s in Highland Park Village. The restaurant opened on March 16 with critical acclaim.

Sadelle’s is New York-based restaurant empire Major Food Group’s first of three restaurants opening in Dallas this spring. 

The original Sadelle’s is a lively spot famous for lavish, over the top brunches in New York City’s trendy Soho neighborhood. Locations have also opened in Paris, Las Vegas, Miami and now Highland Park Village. 

Those missing their morning coffee and breakfast tacos at Royal Blue Grocery will be delighted that its replacement, Sadelle’s, has kept the casual coffee bar and upstairs area. This area is perfect for a quick bite and catching up with friends. 

Upon entering the restaurant I immediately noticed it was packed with different age groups and getting a reservation at the newly hot spot was almost impossible. The restaurant’s decor blends modern and vintage elements to create an elegant but relaxed atmosphere. Salmon pink and soothing turquoise shades offer a glamorous old Hollywood vibe. The vibrant colors create a welcoming atmosphere and provide a memorable, happy feeling. The small details around the restaurant show the amount of thought it took to complete the interior design including the different lamps and wallpapers used in the restaurant.

When I went for brunch, I tried three items from the menu: a bagel with cream cheese, the veal pelmeni, and the eggs benedict. To start out the experience, the famous Sadelle’s bagel was served. The bagel was fluffy, and the seasoning on it was extremely tasty. The cream cheese spread nicely and evenly on the bagel made for a delicious tasting breakfast. 

After the bagel, the veal pelmeni was set down on the table for my tastebuds to try. This was my first time trying veal because my original order of pigs in a blanket was sold out. This was peculiar to me as the restaurant was so new, and I didn’t ever think pigs in a blanket would be unavailable during brunch.

Per my server’s recommendation, I eventually landed on the decision to try the veal pelmeni, a dish that tasted like nothing I had ever had. Initially, the flavor was something that took me a bit of getting used to before I could distinguish the tastes from each other. I thought the presentation of the dish was beautiful, however the overall taste was nothing special, especially for the high price of $22. The texture of the food was something I was not expecting as well, so it was difficult for me to enjoy the tang. 

For the main dish, I decided to play it safe with eggs benedict. When cutting into the eggs, I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that the bread underneath was a hard, almost sponge-like consistency instead of a soft bread that is usually served with the dish. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the yolk ran down the entirety of the dish, allowing it to be soaked in their tastiness. I had never had eggs benedict the way Sadelle’s made theirs and the type of bread they used was a different texture than what I was used to. I do not think that the dish had any sort of interesting flavors or pops of new tastes that were incorporated and the eggs frankly had a boring taste. 

Between the three dishes the bagel was definitely my favorite thing that I ordered off the menu, and I can see why the restaurant is so well known for them.

Due to Highland Park Village  having high rent, many restaurants and shops have not been able to remain open for extended periods of time. Although the atmosphere of the restaurant is beautiful and one of a kind, the restaurant’s prices were incredibly high, and overall just not worth it for the quality of the food I ate. Compared to other brunch spots around Dallas, Sadelle’s is definitely the highest priced restaurant. From the Zoey salad that cost $45 to the meat and cheese board that cost $58, the prices are outrageous. While it is understandable that the restaurant’s location requires a significant amount of rent, not many will be willing to splurge on food given it isn’t necessarily the most sensational thing they’ve ever tasted.

I loved the beauty and vibe that the Sadelle’s radiates, and I will definitely be going back to enjoy another delicious bagel. However, from my experience, I felt restricted to the amount of items I could try due to their high prices. I would definitely recommend Sadelle’s to try even if it’s just for grab and go bagels as the atmosphere and servers are kind and make the experience lovely.

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