Review: Off White, Versace, Carolina Herrera Elevate Fashion Week

Highlights of collections from the 2022 Winter/Fall Fashion Week


Graphic by Chloe Nugent

Off, White, Versace and Caroline Herrera debuted new pieces for the 2022 New York and Paris Fashion Week. The collections primarily featured bright colors and incorporated street style with formal wear.

The colorful and unique collections of different designers were showcased during the 2022 New York and Paris Fashion Week.

The Off White, Versace and Carolina Herrera collections all differed in style, but each had an amazing vibe that for me, created an appreciation for innovative luxury fashion brands.

The Off White collection is the last ever collection designed by Virgil Abloh before his death in September.

The collection featured one of a kind pieces that carried on Abloh’s legacy. The show honored the different aspects of design Abloh would often incorporate into his collections. 

The looks showcased on the runway were designed by Abloh but due to his death, he was not able to complete them. Nevertheless, his designs were showstopping as they were modeled by iconic supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber.

In the show, Abloh’s designs incorporated street style with elegant dresses. His designs featured t-shirts paired with large, flowy skirts. 

One look that caught my eye was the t-shirt and skirt combination Gerber wore in the show. The yellow t-shirt had the words “pop” on it in dark green font and was paired with a long, puffy baby blue skirt. Abloh was known to pair t-shirts with fancier items of clothing. 

One of my favorite looks of the collection was a little black dress modeled by Kendall Jenner. The shimmery fabric allowed for this piece to really stand out compared to the other items. The stunning dress was paired with black gloves, knee high boots and a backwards hat with horns on it. 

This collection was one of my favorites as I enjoyed getting to see Abloh’s designs being honored at the show. Although he wasn’t there to take his bow at the end of the show, his spirit and creativity shined through his work. 

Versace also successfully provided various creative and extraordinary designs. The Off White and Versace collections had very different vibes, but they both created beautiful pieces for the Fall/Winter shows.

 The Fall/Winter collection utilized some of the brand’s iconic aspects, but also incorporated many new designs to create a powerful and fierce style of clothing. 

One of Versace’s looks I loved the most was a purple, diamond chain top with a black bustier top underneath. The top was paired with light wash jeans and a black belt. The sparkles caught my eye as I am usually drawn to colorful and unique statement pieces.

Another amazing design was composed of an all green outfit featuring a dress, a mini purse and pointed platform shoes. One of the things I loved most about this look is the color contrast between the model’s bright red hair and light green clothes. 

The dress also had gems and rhinestones woven into the fabric to match the striking color of the outfit. The mini purse was in the same shade of green and had a similar pattern of rhinestones on the bag. 

The final brand that created a stunning collection this season was Carolina Herrera. Versace and Herrera’s designs were completely different, but both were extraordinary. Versace had more powerful and bright looks while Carolina Herrera collections usually include more evening wear and elegant gowns.

The Carolina Herrera show featured elements of nature. Many of the colors used in the collection are similar to flower colors, creating a blooming effect.

The dresses were the star of the show. My favorite piece from the collection was a mini baby pink dress with a giant ruffle skirt trailing behind. This high-low dress was beautiful and turned heads at the show. The intricate details reminded me of a royal wedding in a field of pink flowers. 

The final piece from this collection that I loved was a mini red dress with a round puff towards the top of the dress. This dress really stood out to me as the color was vibrant, and a pair of the same shade of red heels matched the dress and complimented the look. The bright red color of the outfit reminded me of a rose budding.

This season, Versace, Off White and Carolina Herrera all created beautiful and incomparable collections that stood out to me far more than any other collections I have seen. The bright colors and unique designs made me feel more drawn and connected to these pieces than ever before.