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Review: Virgil Abloh’s Final Collection Creates Dreamlike Experience

Louis Vuitton honors fashion extraordinaire
Graphic by Chloe Nugent
Louis Vuitton released a wide range of products from boots to leather flowers as a part of Virgil Abloh’s last collection for the brand. The pieces of the collection differed in style and colors which allowed for the items to differ and stand out from one another and provide different creative aspects.

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh’s last collection for Louis Vuitton creates an extraordinary presentation that honors his memory and fills the room with emotion and respect for the designer’s talent.

Abloh was the creative director of Louis Vuitton and the chief executive director of Off-White, his luxury fashion company. He received recognition and appreciation for his work and became one of the most influential designers in the world. 

Abloh was the first ever African-American creative director at a French fashion house, and his detailed work left a great mark on the fashion industry. Abloh passed away after battling cardiac angiosarcoma, a form of heart cancer, for two years. Before he passed away, Abloh did seven shows for Louis Vuitton and his final collection, released after his death, marked the eighth and final one. 

The beautiful pieces of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 collection represented the artistic passion of Abloh’s vision. The concept of the collection was to create a dreamlike, limitless atmosphere. Abloh built the show around a “Dreamhouse” concept, with a disregard for the gender binary in his flowing designs. 

There were many references to this concept within the show, including the number eight on it’s side meant to represent something endless and infinite. The collection also referenced Abloh’s “Boyhood Ideology,” which meant to see the world through the eyes of a child with no judgment and a limitless imagination. 

Creating this kind of extraordinary fashion allows the world to see just how special Abloh was as a designer. Possessing his level of talent is rare and when shared with the world, people can see the emotion, detail and thoughtfulness it took Abloh to design a truly meaningful and insightful fashion collection. 

The collection showcased many forms of art other than the fashion itself, including dancers performing around the models and a live symphony playing at the venue. The blues and whites of the runway matched with the aesthetic of the collection allowed the audience to appreciate the colors and textures of the different pieces. 

Throughout the collection, there were repeated shades of white, blue, purple and black which blended with the set design to help create a more dramatic effect. The Fall/Winter 2022 collection encompassed many beautiful and unique designs with a balance between elegant and dramatic pieces.

One of my favorite designs featured was an all white look with giant white wings attached to the model’s back. The wings almost appeared as a cutout paper snowflake and seemed delicate and fragile. The wings were paired with different shades of white layered fabrics and a pair of platform shoes. Different styles of the white wings appeared throughout the show with some being more dramatically displayed than others. 

Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any more spectacular, world-renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell closed the show wearing a trucker hat paired with a long white blazer and white sneakers. Campbell is known for her fierce walk and confidence in shows and this energy was definitely radiated. The look reminded me of New York street style, as it was casual but also had a touch of color to make the outfit pop. 

The bags featured in the show were also unique. My all time favorite bag featured was the red, white and blue duffle bag paired with a graffiti Louis Vuitton logo. The designs on the bag were simple but added a pop of color to the predominately all white collection. I loved the effect the bag created with its minimal designs and the way in which the colors work so well together. 

Another powerful and artistic look created by Abloh was the matching blazer, pants and top. The outfit featured art containing a group of people on a field looking out into the mountains. The art style created dimension in the clothing which elevated the overall look. The outfit was paired with plain black shoes that didn’t disrupt the design. Anything more would distract from the beauty of the piece. This particular outfit reminded me that fashion is art. Paintings and other forms of art can help designers create an exceptional collection that encompasses creativity and imagination.

Overall this emotional presentation reminded the world how talented and creative Abloh’s mind truly was. I hope the fashion world will always honor his memory and never forget the spark of light he brought to the world. The show brought together Abloh’s loved ones and close friends and created an atmosphere where his presence will live on. This collection was one of my favorite Louis Vuitton collections of all time because the designs were thoughtful and moving. This beautiful collection was the perfect way to honor the extraordinary genius that Abloh was.  

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