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Varsity Girls Soccer Heads To District After Win

Lady Scots win last preseason game before going to district
Photo by Sam Anderson
Beofre the game, coach Aaron McGough talks to the players about strategies to win the game. Winning this game would allow the team to go to district. “Strategy wise we try to keep the ball, keep possession as much as we can,” she said.

The girls varsity soccer team won their game against JJ Pearce 3-0 on Jan. 18 at Highlander Stadium. 

This was their last preseason game as they head to district on Jan. 25. 

So far, the varsity team has won seven out of eight games this season, with one tie. Meanwhile JJ Pearce has lost two games and one tie. 

McGough is glad her team went home with a win. 

“It’s a quick turn around to go from Saturday to Tuesday, but we pulled out the win and the result we wanted,” McGough said.

In the first half of the game, sophomore forward Elle Jones scored the first goal for her team with 32 minutes remaining. 

We just need to play together, play tough and quick and keep the ball,

— Aaron McGough

While the cold wind intensified, the girls continued to communicate by yelling at each other from opposite sides of the field with parents, friends and teammates cheering them on from the sidelines. McGough had the girls on the sidelines running from end-to-end of the field where the action was happening.

“We want the girls on the sideline to just give energy to the players that are on the field, so we feel like standing helps them stay engaged in the game,” McGough said. “Every 10 minutes we get them [players] to warm up so that they’re just ready to go whenever they get ready to step in.” 

During the second half, junior captain and midfielder Hattie Patterson scored the second goal for the team. With 30 minutes left, the team was leading 2-0. 

Just three minutes after Patterson’s goal, junior midfielder Ella Weathersby scored, making the game 3-0. 

“I was very excited because it was a very fast paced game that required a lot of concentration,” freshman Reagan Johansen said. “We also had three amazing well deserved goals to get us the win.”

Although the game was a victory, McGough believes there’s still room for improvement. 

 “We started out a little slow, but we’re coming off of three games in three days, so it’s to be expected,” McGough said. 

McGough gave her overall thoughts about the game and her hopes for the future.

“We just need to play together, play tough and quick and keep the ball,” McGough said. “I feel like we got a little bit pushed around tonight so hopefully they [players] can come out on top starting district.” 

Junior captain and midfielder Hattie Patterson shares what keeps her going throughout games. 

“I always remember that I’m not just playing for myself but for my team,” Patterson said. “It keeps me motivated knowing that they [other teammates] are playing for me too, and that we all have a collective goal.”

The team is in 1st place in their district as of now, and the girls will take on their first district game against Forney High School on Jan. 25. 

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