Lockdown Lifted In Wuhan

country reported nearly zero new infections

April 9, 2020

China ended its lockdown of Wuhan, the original epicenter of the coronavirus crisis, after the city reemerged from a 76-day lockdown.

Wuhan was placed on lockdown on January 23, four weeks after city officials announced the coronavirus outbreak. The Chinese government placed 11 million people on lockdown to try and slow the spread of the disease. With trains and flights being resumed on Wednesday people are only allowed to travel from the city if they can prove they are not infected through the use of a government-sanctioned app.

The country reported nearly zero new infections in recent weeks, leading to similar lockdown measures being lifted in other provinces, but coronavirus continues to plague the rest of the world. In the last 24 hours, the United States has seen its highest death toll in one day due to coronavirus with 1,850 deaths. However, it is still unclear whether China is giving an accurate count of how many cases and deaths there have been due to coronavirus. 

As the outbreak ravaged the city of Wuhan, the economy was frozen by strict epidemic control measures. With the lockdown order lifted, it is intended to breathe life back into the economy and get its citizens back to work. Over the past two weeks, life in Wuhan has resumed business with 94 percent of businesses reopened, according to a Wuhan official. 

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