Graphic by Chloe Nugent

Bagpipe Fall Issue 2022

Dear Readers,

On behalf of our entire staff we are pleased to give you the first issue of the Bagpipe for the 2022-2023 school year. This year the newspaper has faced significant changes in leadership with our advisor taking another position within the school. While we’ve had to evolve as a program, our staff has handled the changes with grace and resilience. 

We’d like to thank our reporters and editors for not only the hard work they’ve put into this issue, but the hard work they’ve done all semester. Creating meaningful content we can all be proud of is a group effort that requires dedication, sacrifice, and patience. Each one of our staff members has proved they are passionate about the Bagpipe and that love is clearly reflected in their work.

The stories in this issue do not correspond to a set theme because we felt there was such a wide variety of topics that were important to cover. From profiles on outstanding students to efforts to increase sustainability in our community, each one of these stories highlights a significant subject matter with the utmost thoughtfulness and care.

One of the most tender and humanitarian stories in this issue covers the experiences of a Ukrainian family who sought refuge in our community, fleeing the violence in their home country. We are honored to share their story in our publication. We hope their story  touches you as much as it has touched us, and gives you a greater capacity for compassion for those suffering under political unrest. 

Thank you again for reading the Bagpipe and your continuous support of the work we do. We hope you enjoy the issue.


Lucy Gomez and Kimmie Johansen


Toxic Affair
Energy Rush
Punishing Progress
Media’s Killer Craze
Communication Barriers
Seeking Safety
Big Animals, Big Impact
Learning Curves
Eyes Open: Technology and Sleep’s Complicated Relationship
Contributions For Change
Quizlet Gets Greedy
Saddling Up
Leader Crowned Queen
Collision Course Correction

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