HPHS Media

Ava Iversen
Current Grade Level:

What is your position on the Bagpipe:
Section Editor

What is your go-to snack:
Animal Crackers

What is your favorite tv show to binge watch:
Gilmore Girls

What are you most excited to get out of Bagpipe this year:
Designing one of the new sections for The Bagpipe

In what are you involved at HP:
Latin Club

What is your dream job:
Work for a fashion magazine

How would your friends describe you:
Loyal and Spunky

What is your favorite song or style of music:

What is a fun fact about yourself that not everyone knows:
I have dual citizenship in the US and Denmark

Where is the coolest place you have visited:

What is one skill at which you were better:
Staying Focused

What is your ideal pet:
A Rescue Dog

What is your favorite class this year:

Where do you want to go to college:

What is your favorite news source:
The Apple News App

What is the best piece of advice you have received so far:
"Don't worry so much because in the end, everything will work out."

If you could attend any major event, which would you choose:

Ava Iversen, Section Editor

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